Setting the Stage for Silverline

Here at Medallion, we’ve been hard at work on our newest options for designers, and it’s finally time to let all of you in on the exciting changes on deck for Medallion Silverline. This launch in particular gets my creative mind turning on overdrive because of all of the new fashion-forward elements we’ve added, allowing our customers to take their Silverline Kitchens to the next level.

Designers across the country know that some things never change: a simple white shaker style door, or the constant, unyielding need to make storage smarter. However, we also know that homeowners love to make the space their own, and color has become the go-to way to customize a space.

With that in mind, the 5 new exceptionally popular finishes from our Gold and Platinum lines are now available in Silverline, giving designers more opportunity to personalize every space to meet their customers at the crossroads of individual style and functionality.

Specific for this launch, our creative team in-house curated some beautiful color stories to give us designers something to consider for using these new finishes. Take a look, let me know what you think!

Stormy Respite_with Text

Our team put together this coastal-inspired color story for the customer who isn’t afraid of a little sea salt and sand. Personally the focus color of this palette is one I’ve wanted to see in Silverline for a long time. Celeste is our deep, ethereal navy, and it’s a great way to add color without being over-the-top. In spaces with lower ceilings, a darker base cabinet offset with light wall cabinets can make the space feel taller, and give the space some breathing room visually speaking.

Don’t be afraid to take a leap with a bold, textured wood eitherpaired with Sea Salt for that classic white, Peppercorn can give an additional cool-toned touch. Even better, mix in a simple style shaker door to give a light-contemporary vibe. For those more classically-inclined, pairing Celeste with Amaretto or Smoke brings out the darker tones, and offers a more refined look.

Icelandic Bounty_with Text

What I love about this color story is depth. Given there’s a giant rift in the earth in this shot, this is a no-brainer, but the natural hues involved give it an implied depth as well. The transition downwards from dark to light is particularly interestingand achieving this look isn’t terribly difficult either. Embracing color with out a full-cabinet commitment can be achieved by devoting the island to a soft, creamy Chai Latte color while keeping the French Roast, and darker Espresso involved. Hitting both brighter and darker tones of paint and wood gives you a well thought-out variety of tones without looking strewn together.

To keep a neutral toned foot on the ground, use Islander Sheer, and opt in for a confident white backsplash with a geometric tile to direct visual traffic in the space with a transitional appeal.

Bold Tranquility_with Text Ah, the classic black-and-white contrast. Tried and True. A favorite of contemporary designers and Pinterest fanatics alike.

At the same time, it can get a little…well…black and white.

Our design team here at Medallion understands some things are used for a reason, but we want to give you a better reason to keep using it. Keep the Carriage Black as a true dark, and embrace it’s opposite with Cottage White, but let’s add some character to it with a sheer finish. You spent hours talking through wood options with the client, so why not flaunt it a bit?

I like to think that this color story gives us an option for natural contrast. Rarely are things just black and white. Putting some realistic tones into the design makes for a very chic, very accessible look. For accents, try using Castle Rock and Gale into the mix, possibly as frame for a wine refrigerator, or hood.

I really have to give it to the creative team on this one for the color stories. They did a great job of incorporating some slightly-north-of-bold colors in tasteful ways that don’t run away with the show. Each piece of the palette above plays an equal role in making something really come together. With greens and blues becoming more popular in the kitchen, it’s a smart move to pair them with some more muted tones that offer lasting color that will keep, like Harbor Mist Sheer and the Amaretto wood finish.


Here’s a great way to think about pacing our your color choices in a space featuring some tasteful shiplap and our new release, Eucalyptus. Notice the hood paired up next to a more traditional warm-toned wood like Onyx with open shelving: simple touches like this can really add something special to a space.

Wise Woodland_with TextWhat’s great about mixing earth tones is that it can give a sense of unity to a space without being so matchy-matchy. when done tastefully, French Roast and Smoke wood finishes can play nicely together in a design. Using a simple door style in one, and a more complex in another, adds depth to a space without overdoing it on contrast.

Using versatile colors like Macchiato and Seagrass give your design the opportunity to feature colors that align well with both cool and warm tones. Seagrass looks great on a glass-front cab and Macchiato can add some definition to additional shelving in the dining area.

Thanks for stopping by the Sips and Tips section and spending some time, I hope these color stories can go a long way in setting the stage for some great designs this year! To stay in touch with the most current Medallion-inspired creations from some of our favorite dealers and designers, be sure to follow Medallion on Facebook and Instagram and check out our Inspiration and Finish Folio pages on our site to see what’s next for Gold, Platinum, and Silverline!

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