Aspen Retreat: Tailored Transitional

The “Aspen Retreat” design we displayed during KBIS 2019 has proven to be one of the show favorites.  When I step back and contemplate the design, I think I know why — it packed a lot of punch! This vignette had an unusually grand presence in a small footprint, highlighting three finishes and multiple door styles.  As always, KBIS gets creative juices flowing and motivates showroom owners to remodel their spaces.  We are flattered the Aspen Retreat has inspired many of these new spaces!

The Tailored Transitional design we called called “Aspen Retreat” featured in our KBIS display was anchored by Silverline’s new Jackson maple door style using maple Frappe, maple Sea Salt with accents in Medallion Gold cherry smoke.

(Click here to read a full break-down of this design in a “Sneak Peek” blog post from February.)


There were so many inspiring kitchens at the show, and we saw so many on social media too! But what does it look like to turn that inspiration into a new “real” design that needs to fit an existing space and align with an individual dealer’s design and sales strategy?  It’s actually as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

1. Alter the shape and/or dimensions,
2. Add or remove an element;
3. Switch up the finishes!

With so many showroom displays inspired by this particular KBIS design, I wanted to take a look at some of my favorites, and how each one was customized.


Aspen in Blue

I love this finish combo! My most favorite blue in the Medallion collection- maple Celeste; I love its subdued greyish tone and it handsomely pairs with maple French Roast. The duo meets a crisp counterpart when maple Magnolia interjects itself into the equation to make a fresh, attractive trio.

Like the Aspen Retreat design, floating shelves finishes off one of the ends, but in this case they nestle into the corner. Ship lap adds detail in Magnolia behind the floating shelves and takes center stage as island back paneling and on our new tapered hood! Island ends with shiplap too alongside our new X-end columns.

Medallion Aspen Retreat

Medallion Finish Trends


Sophisticated Rustic

Peppered Appaloosa and Chai Latte combines with cherry Onyx to create a high level contrast that’s rich and sophisticated.  This tall space gives way to the use of 48” high Trinity wall cabinets with our added rail modification.

The uniqueness of the Trinity Door profile is that much more special when the standard and glass doors are side by side as shown here.  No doubt about it, this showroom display is a showstopper!

Medallion Aspren Retreat

Medallion Finish Trends



Warm & Inviting

This is a nice execution for this compact space in a warm, inviting finish palette of maple Earl Grey and Cappuccino which to me is a match made in heaven. Put together with a dab of maple Sea Salt, and you’re set!

This is most reminiscent of The Aspen Retreat with it’s left end floating shelves and the bar height peninsula.  However, the shiplap is installed horizontally instead of diagonally, as was done in the KBIS “original”.  The overall wall heights and length of the main wall are a reduced footprint.  There’s an added bonus in the return of cabinets along the right wall which adds more storage and counter space. An open end offers the opportunity to anchor Aspen Retreat’s signature door-depth contrasting box column. Although this version is slightly more “fun-size” in many ways, it certainly doesn’t feel any less grand.

Medallion Aspen Retreat

PS — If you haven’t already, please watch this short, 2-minute recap video of our time at KBIS 2019.  See it on Facebook or YouTube.

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