Introducing a New Designer

Welcome Nicole!

We are pleased and excited to introduce a new addition to the blog team, Nicole Goetz!

Nicole has been a designer for decades, and we’re looking forward to the insights and expertise she’ll share here on Sips & Tips.

Design comes naturally to Nicole, because she has literally grown up in the cabinetry business. She designed her first kitchen at only six years old, using her father’s design triangle!  She then proudly took her creation to school for show and tell – a story Nicole’s dad loved to share with his customers.

During her first “real” year working in the family business, Nicole was in the field full time, helping with demolition, installation, and just about everything in between.  This was also an invaluable lesson in learning first hand about the quirks a jobsite can bring that are essential for consideration during the layout phase of a project.

Nicole’s first article is next week!

Nicole will tell us about a kitchen she got to redesign twice for the same client!  The family’s needs changed as the children grew up, and spaces designed to accommodate high-chairs made more sense as a wine bar…

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