Angela’s Radiant Remodel

When remodeling a bathroom, homeowners have many goals and needs to communicate with their designer for why they want a change. But with this bathroom, a picture is worth a thousand words.FullSizeRender 8

You’re looking at a pretty dramatic “before” picture from our Marketing Director, Angela. She chose Medallion for her home, like Bea, whose “bee-utiful” kitchen we featured a few months ago. So far, they’ve really loved their new space!

When she started the remodel, Angela had a lot of goals for her new space, but step number one was saying goodbye to the mauve tile, pink sinks, laminate cabinets, and of course, the carpet.

FullSizeRender 7

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There were also some problems with the bathroom’s layout, from the way the two linen closet doors bumped the water closet door to the bathtub design: the built-in portion extended into the corner, and the towel bar was way too far away. (We also tried to figure out the purpose of that basin, but we were stumped. Comment below if you know what it’s for!)

Existing design

New designRendering

Let there be light


For Angela and her husband, brightening up the space with a fresh color palette and more natural light was a must. Though they looked into replacing the two smaller windows with one large one, the windows were on the brick front of the house, and cost was prohibitive. Instead, they moved the shower to the other side of the room and bumped the wall back to make the most of both windows.

To create more symmetry, they also added a tile detail to the shower interior that mirrored the windows’ shape and size to create a “third window.”


Adding a large frameless mirror over the makeup vanity also reflects light back into the room. And painting the walls a clean white make the bathroom feel bigger and brighter.IMG_2928

Dedicated spaces

Speaking of the vanity…the previous bathroom design wasn’t conducive to organization or the way the family was using it. Angela wanted a particular place to get ready for the day where she had space to spread out. She also chose the Styling Station MOD for the right-hand side. IMG_0560There’s a power strip built in so she doesn’t have to hunt for an outlet for styling tools.

Angela also bought an unfinished stool and ordered more of the Rumberry finish to stain it to match the vanity.

On the other side of the bathroom, a furniture-look vanity offers plenty of storage space. Each side has both undersink storage and access to the variety of drawers. And though open storage isn’t for everyone, Angela finds the bottom shelf to be perfect for towels.


It was assembled on site from a number of different pieces:

  • Two 27″ wall cabinets
  • Four furniture legs with custom feet
  • A 94 1/2″-wide panel
  • A custom quote: a 27″ drawer base with 4 small drawers and 1 larger one.

Vanity Elevation

Comfortable luxury

One of the main elements that make this space feel simultaneously fresh and fabulous is the styles and materials this busy, young family chose.

The Platinum Bayside doors are classically simple and Rumberry on cherry with Ebony Glaze has a very warm, rich look. All hardwoods subtly shift in color over time, and cherry tends to darken with age, but Angela says that that mellowing has only increased the beauty of the bathroom. With the marble tiles and crisp white paint, the whole room has a sophisticated feel. Angela also opted for a heated floor to keep the bathroom cozy during cold Minnesota winters.


The new freestanding bathtub and trim details also add to the feeling of elegance. And it’s perfect for bathtime!

As you can see, this bathroom really went from dated to dynamic! We always love sharing these amazing transformations, and we’d love to see yours! Share your before and after pictures with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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