Warm, Wonderful Tan & Taupe

Last week, I introduced our four new grays: Gray Owl, London Fog, Perfect Storm, and Sandpiper, and this week, let’s take a look at even more neutrals!

Playing with Color

In all cases with neutrals, the impression of the color palette will either be monochromatic (meaning all values and temperatures are similar) or contrasting (where cool and warm are placed opposite one another for a complementary result). Below are a couple of examples that illustrate this.



In this Silverline galley kitchen, we have two warm finishes against a cool concrete finished floor. This contrast is subtle but along with the stainless steel appliances steers the design towards a more contemporary vibe.

In this Gold series kitchen, the Irish Creme painted uppers, wall color, and backsplash tile are all very similar in temperature and hue. The flooring and the Greystone finish are a couple of shades darker, but in the same family as well. The only strong contrast is the Smoke finish, but since it is still in the same tonal family, the tone of this palette is monochromatic. MEDALLION SIPS & TIPS MONOCHROMATIC NEUTRALS

Sultry Suede

Finally, I’m in the family of colors that sits in this wonderful position of being neutral, but as a trend for paint colors on cabinetry, this is quite new. We showcased the darkest of this trio at KBIS in our Modern Farmhouse kitchen.


What I love about these shades is that they are not the beiges from the 80’s/90’s! And by that, I mean that they are not yellow, pink or fleshy. They are the perfect neutral that sits in a category I like to call sueded-tan. And depending on the depth desired, there’s a shade for me and a shade for you, and a shade for everybody!MEDALLION SIPS & TIPS BEIGES

Embracing the warmth of these hues is the path of least resistance. In the color pairings below, I’m matching Buff, Fauna, and Safari with several trending stains and a pop of character with Buckskin Appaloosa.MEDALLION SIPS & TIPS BUFF FAUNA SAFARI WITH STAINS

Below, you can see that muted shades of gray in quartz counters give you the opportunity to stay subtle or go bold with Buff, Fauna, and Safari. Yes, I paired bold and tan in the same color story!


Another path to take that we see above in our Farmhouse beauty photography and KBIS display is to create a wow factor color that creates a dramatic contrast and brings out the best of both worlds.MEDALLION SIPS & TIPS BUFF FAUNA SAFARI WITH COLORS

Due to their desaturated nature, these three bold colors are a perfect fit with any one of the hues in the trio of tans.

As you compare your thoughts against these ideas, I hope you find a common thread to be that this range of 12 neutrally beautiful colors expands your opportunity to offer just the right neutral for every client – all within a standard order timeline in your Gold and Platinum catalogs. Happy selling!

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