Kicking up the Spice in your Design!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing ideas and inspiration for using Medallion’s new Finish Folio paints in your design, and this week, I’m covering the colors that are a bit more daring. And as color relates to spice , let’s take a look at what might appeal to those who are fearless of the fragrant or fiery; the out-of-the-box designers!

As we developed the additions to the Finish Folio paint palette, there were colors that some would come back to and question, due to the evident fact that they were not as common as those in the blue, green or neutral families. The real question was: how would these new colors be used in homes on our cabinetry? With the good timing of KBIS as our platform, we were able to show just how to do so.


In this design, we embraced the warmth of Gazelle and paired it with complementary muted green walls and bright tangerine accents. The result is a bold design that emotes the essence of a luxurious sanctuary.

Rich desert landscapes, finely tanned leather and autumn color palettes all come to mind with Gazelle. One could see this color as a distant cousin to the tan family, but with greater depth and richness. I like to think of it as a neutral with pizzazz!

What I love about Gazelle is how flexible it is; and that while it sits boldly in the Finish Folio family, it is earthy and grounded, making it a pragmatic long-term trend option.
In this color board, I’m using light neutral paints and rich brown/smoky stains. Onyx creates a moody dramatic scene, while French Roast correlates for a subtle analogous scene. My favorite combination includes Gazelle with Celeste and French Roast, a neutral quartz counter, Haze, and a lovely handmade subway pattern tile – truly the pièce de résistance!


This golden hue is inspired by cultural origins and, unlike its cousins in the subdued yellow family, Curry is a striking color that exudes vibrant warmth and energy and offers a unique appearance that sets it apart!

When you think of how Curry can work best in a design, it’s clear to see that pairing this bold hue with rich wood tones or creamy whites is the best fit. The contrast of either option helps balance out the brilliance. Keep in mind, Curry isn’t everybody’s color, but it is the right color for the right client and design feature! I can picture this as a sideboard furniture accent to the kitchen, or as a beautiful Bath Silhouettes piece against a designer wallpaper.

Shown above, Curry works best with warm whites, like Divinity and White Chocolate, and rich stains like Espresso, Smoke and French Roast (shown on cherry). Counters in a contrasting neutral like Bianco Drift, which has just a touch of gold fleck, or Coastal Grey that blends with the dark stains and allows the paint color to stand prominent as intended.

Seeing Red

This year’s launch included two new reds to accompany Cayenne, which has stood the test of time with Medallion. But with trends pointing towards a bolder use of color, we sought out additions that would fill out a few more styling themes.

Spanish Paprika is a southwest-sunset-inspired desaturated hue that made a big splash at KBIS this year! It pairs very well with neutrals from beige to charcoal. I see this fitting well into Mid-Century or Arts-and-Crafts inspired themes.

Medallion Sips & Tips Spanish Paprika pairings
Carpeta Decor Beige Porcelain Tile available here. B Michael Habachy Barcode Medio Golden Beach Marble Tile available here. C Easton Ridge Matte White handmade Subway tile available here. D Bohemian Brick Cement Mosaic Tile available here.

On the more vibrant side of this color category, Sumac is a knock-your-socks-off bright, clear red. This hue will fit as a stand-out in bold designs, especially those geared towards Contemporary style. For example, in the Sumac color story below, this bright hue is dominant and is recognized as a feature finish in high-gloss Contemporary kitchens. Here, you can see how tailored geometric patterns for backsplashes and contrasting cabinet finishes, along with natural wood stains, tone down the hue to fit into bold Transitional designs as well. If you’re looking for a big hit of color in your design, this shade is for you and the right client!

Medallion Sips & Tips Sumac Pairings

Click on correlating letters to see source materials shown above: Counter A; Tile B; Tile C; Tile D; Counter E; Counter F

This spicy palette is going to stretch your imagination into new levels with client conversations. And while we know that these hues are tailored towards the more daring trendsetters in your mix, go into it with an open mind knowing that the key is to find the right proportion and placement for a successful spicy design.

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