Step into a New Kind of Pantry!

There have been so many new things to share from Medallion’s launch a couple of weeks ago, it’s hard to decide what to talk about first, but I just keep coming back to this one! Introducing…the walk-in pantry cabinet!

A Hidden World Within

As you can see, what looks like a standard tall cabinet on the outside actually conceals an entrance to a separate room! (Kind of like…Narnia?) The question for some may be: how exactly does it work? Let’s take a closer look at this cabinet in Medallion’s Modern Farmhouse kitchen.

(Gold) Middleton with Flat Panel in Safari Classic, Eucalyptus Classic, and French Roast on knotty alder
(Gold) Middleton with Flat Panel in Safari Classic, Eucalyptus Classic, and French Roast on knotty alder

This kitchen features the 24” depth cabinet, and as intended, it bridges the gap over the doorway that leads to the hidden room. Often times this room allows for L or U-shape walls of shelving to provide bulk storage.As far as storage ideas for the room within, the list is almost endless. Of course, the traditional food pantry is typical, but as you dig into how people use it you’ll see other clever options. For example, there are some who do not use a microwave often so it can be placed on a shelf inside the room where it is out of sight from the kitchen view. Utility storage (brooms, mops, vacuums) is sensible since the floor continues from room to room without obstruction. I’ve seen these rooms house a craft area or even a laundry room; some with windows, and some that have an exterior door to the garage (that’s my favorite idea for creating a transition for grocery hauling resulting in less foot traffic trails!) Really, this room is a hidden treasure! It could also serve as a modern-day butler’s pantry that hides everyday kitchen messes. Though this kitchen shows a mix of wall, base, and tall cabinets, this cabinet would fit perfectly within the configuration of the “wall of tall.”

You probably noticed how we finished the end of the run with a tall bookcase, turned so the left side faced the kitchen, and the front faced the adjacent room. This is a great way to transition between kitchen and living spaces using a furniture style cabinet. We included a left matching end to align with the doors on the tall pantry.

Showing off

So what about the 12” depth cabinet? As you encounter requests and floorplans with the concept of a hidden room, this depth might be a better fit, or you may just have a client who builds out a walk-in pantry similar to the example we displayed at KBIS. Or maybe it would be a perfect fit for adding to your showroom. Now, you may not have the space to build a full hidden pantry, and we didn’t either at KBIS. Instead, we used the 12” deep cabinet with a smaller space behind and then placed a large image showing a storage cabinets and shelves on the wall to depict the typical contents. By the way, that high-res image is available for you to use on the HUB! If you didn’t make it to KBIS, take a look at how it turned out:

Here’s a great share from this Medallion dealer’s video from the show (so fun!) 

That’s all for today! Keep your eyes open for more deep dives into Medallions 2019 new products next week!

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