6+ Colorful New Products for 2019!

It’s official! Medallion launched a huge number of new products (take a look at them here!) and the most exciting one (for me) is the Finish Folio: Paint Edition.

First and foremost, this is our dramatically expanded paint collection—dozens of new standard colors that can be ordered as standard Classic paints.

Remember what I shared in A Tale of Three Blues? Consumers are looking to personalize their homes more and more as the home is seen as a place for personal expression. Where once homeowners would conform their designs to a pre-defined style, they’re now more comfortable asserting what they like and gravitating toward designs that take their unique preferences into consideration. Painted cabinets are definitely one way to do that, and they’re growing in popularity!

While it was always possible to choose a one-of-a-kind color with Medallion’s Custom Color Program, it could give a client some analysis paralysis since the entire world of color is open to them. (Still a great option – especially for clients with a refined sense of color.) The Finish Folio gives you a set “menu” to start with as you introduce clients to color.

At a glance, you’ll see three key areas where we’ve expanded:

  • Neutrals: a new savvy white, 3 new grays, 4 new beiges and tans, and a new “greige” to give you a timeless, versatile paint color for every design
  • Blues and greens: 3 new blues (for a total of 6 now!), 4 new greens and a deep oceanic teal
  • Pops of color: from soft gray-purple Dried Lavender to lively golden Curry and woodsy Cypress to flaming Sumac, we touched the whole color wheel!

And remember, while many clients won’t be ready to paint their whole kitchen Dried Lavender, a standalone piece might be a perfect application —an island, a hutch, a boot bench, a hood, floating shelves…the sky’s the limit!

As a Medallion designer, you or your dealer showroom should have received a launch kit with the Finish Folio swatch book as well! This is our brand-new, interactive design tool to use with clients. It’s especially great for home visits since it’s far more portable than an entire set of sample chips.

You’ll also see an inspirational brochure inside with color stories created by Gail and Annie! Each one includes a few Folio colors as well as some of our existing wood finishes to give you ideas for pairings.

Finish Folio isn’t the only new product we’re adding this year! Shiplap continues to be hugely popular—and not just for Farmhouse designs! It’s great for Coastal or Cottage themes, and where a wall is a bit bland and you need a dimensional look behind floating shelves. You can now order shiplap integrated at the end of your cabinet or separately as a pre-configured panel, or individually as planks..

On that same note, we also created a one-click X-end accent.  It offers an interesting geometric element to your design and as a light industrial touch, it could be used to add a contemporary edge and some stout to a very sleek minimalist design too!

Another addition are 4 new hood designs that speak to the more streamlined silhouettes more clients are looking for. The hood above features shiplap, but you can also get that tapered hood with a plain face or a curved hood. Picture it in one of the new Classic paints! Remember last year’s Houzz Kitchen Study? They predicted that kitchen lighting would become more and more important to homeowners, and has it ever! In my humble opinion, adequate lighting is as essential as the pull-out waste bin!  To that end, we overhauled our lighting options and systems in conjunction with this spring’s launch to make them more user-friendly and flexible for both you and your clients!

And perhaps our coolest product, an integrated walk-in pantry cabinet.This new item looks like a tall pantry cabinet on the outside, but is actually a seamless concealment of the entrance to a walk-in pantry! This year, Houzz noted that 2 in 5 renovated kitchens included a pantry – and this new design is just one more way to answer that call with Medallion!

There’s so much packed into this launch that one article just can’t do it justice – I could talk for weeks! But stay tuned and we’ll continue to uncover how each of these items can add new life to your designs!

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