Diving into Deep Drawers

With Contemporary styling on the rise, more homeowners are embracing wide, deep drawer banks instead of cabinets with doors. Houzz even says that deep drawer organization is the 2nd most common built-in cabinet storage (right after tray dividers). Not to mention, deep drawer cabinets certainly help with storage for the trend of open shelves in place of wall cabinets. But if your client is used to typical drawer/door base cabinets, it can be challenging for them to visualize how they could actually use those deep drawers efficiently. So here are a few ideas to inspire them with!

1. Built-in Peg Divider

  • lifting up dishes (vs. lifting down from a wall cabinet) is an easier, less strainful movement (especially for an older/arthritic homeowner/family member, and as more people age in place)
  • dishes these days are anything but uniform in size and shape, and the movable pegs allow customization based on whether your plates are circles or “squovals”. This system keeps the stacks from shifting as the drawer is opened and closed.

2. Built-In Bins

These bins are more versatile than you might think! The more obvious use is in the kitchen, to store bulk flour, sugar, nuts, etc. But it’s also awesome for a craft room! But if a craft room is more of a luxury, one of my favorite ideas for this system in the kitchen is for families with young children: it’s great for storing art supplies (to entertain kids while parents are busy cooking), then as the needs change, the system can too!

3. Tiered Drawers

This drawer-within-a-drawer is concealed by a single front.  Unbroken horizontal lines created by a bank of drawers give a Transitional clean design a more Contemporary edge.

And there’s no shortage of uses for these…linens and serving ware, pet supplies…

…gravy boats to casserole pans…

4. Deep Drawer Dividers

As the name implies, this is a system of dividers that allows fully customizable spaces to separate and organize the contents. There’s just no shortage of uses and the dividers are movable, removable and invaluable! Choose from dividers that run front to back, or both front to back and side to side.

  • This divider system organizes is the perfect home for vases and all the fun stuff used to fill them!

    •  – In a vanity or linen drawer, it’s great for bath bombs, loofas, cotton balls, and more…

…or for dish towels and oven mitts (which can sometimes turn into a big pile of unfolded ‘stuff’!)

    • 5. Cookie Sheets and Pans
    Now, this design will require particular specifications of the oven cabinet and drawer height, but what better place for these pans then direclty below the oven?

These are just a handful of ways deep drawers can make your design both stylish and functional. And the storage solutions we’ve highlighted in these posts are just the tip of the iceberg–check back next week to get a glimpse of the upgraded storage solutions Medallion is launching this spring!




    1. Suzanne DeRusha - Medallion's Design & Trends Expert

      Hello Allison! Seems your inquiry got buried, so my apologies for the delay. Your question is a great one and I personally think that our drawer/roll-out tray organizer system is the best for decluttering Tupperware. The system allows left to right and front to back flexibility so you can stack similar sized containers in squares/rectangles and make each space work precisely as you need. Because this is a modification option, it can be added to roll-out trays or drawers in cabinets in cabinet widths from 15″ to 48″ wide and comes in two product SKUs: IDOA and IDOB. Please reach out if you would need more info.

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