Spice Storage 6 Ways

Ready for spring cleaning via storage round 2?! Last week, I shared some ideas to walk clients through choosing organization for their top drawers. So what’s another popular organization that most people want in their kitchen remodel? Two words: spice storage. According to the 2019 Houzz Kitchen Study, it’s one of the top 3 changes homeowners make for their kitchen remodel!

But there are several different applications for spice storage—the challenge is to find out how your client cooks and what layout would best serve them. The other benefit of using dedicated spice storage is full disclosure! In other words, you have complete visibility to your spice collection at a glance. Perfect for anyone who has ever had to make a last minute run for that one spice you swore you had, but just couldn’t find. (Of course, you always find it after you’ve gone out to the grocery store and restocked!)

So let’s jump in and look at the best ways to incorporate spice storage in a design:

1. The Drawer

When to use it: 

It’s basic in a good way–tried and true. The perfect place is right next to the cooktop. When you have the benefit of a wide top drawer, you can also stack an organizer insert next to the tiered spice insert and store measuring spoons and cups in there too. (Because unless you’re Gordon Ramsey, you’re not just eyeballing how much nutmeg to put into your pumpkin bread!)

2. The Narrow Pull-Out for Base and Wall

Base pull-out available in Silverline, Gold, and Platinum; wall pull-out available in Gold and Platinum.

When to use it:

This item is perfect for the spice connoisseur. It works great alone, or you might add one on each side of the range for spices and oils. For even more spice storage, you could include the wall pull-out, giving your culinary client a quadruple arrangement for the ultimate in organization!

3. The Super-Skinny Filler Pull-Out

When to use it: 

When you don’t have quite enough space for the narrow pull-out, this option is an amazing alternative. Available in 3″ and 6″ widths–you’ll be surprised at just how much fits inside!

(Base and wall filler pull-outs available in Silverline, Gold, and Platinum)


4. Multi-Level Spice Rack

When to use it:

When your client likes having spices at eye level, or when base drawer/cabinet space is already spoken for. (Designed for use in standard depth wall cabinets.)

This flexible “go anywhere” kit allows for the perfect placement on-site and multiple units can be stacked side-by-side. Each kit contains two-tiered racks that pull out individually on smooth, ball-bearing glides.

Available in double (4 1/2″ wide) or triple (7″ wide) kits in two height options 9 1/4″ or 10 3/4″).

Design tip:

Install closest to hinge to avoid having to step around a door.

5. The Double-Duty Furniture Leg

When to use it:

Similar in size to the Filler Pull-Out above, this leg front option adds significant panache to your design. With 11 leg designs to choose from, there is sure to be a fit for every design style from Transitional to Farmhouse to Modern. It truly is a great custom touch, and, from personal experience, I can say how impressed I was with how much the pair held that I had flanking my range. And oh how fun it was to surprise guests when I pulled them open!

6. The Spice Drawer Stack

When to use it:

Repetition can be a great counterpart to a linear design and these symmetrical stacked cubbies add a taste of apothecary charm for both function and form. This is an artisan design of wood drawer boxes on wood guides, which means the entire box can easily slide out and be taken to the cooking area or whatever the task may be. Available in both vertical and horizontal configurations in Gold and Platinum (inset). 

So there you have it, six options to share with your clients for tidying up spices. After all, they say variety is the spice of life!

Check back in with us next week for more storage tips and tricks!

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