4 Tips to Organize Top Drawers

Spring is on its way, and that means SPRING CLEANING at my house (yikes!). But springtime is also a big selling season as people think about refreshing their homes. For a lot of clients, that “new” feeling comes from the big, exterior changes—new door styles, a new finish, new appliances or countertops. Those are the “big” decisions, and cabinet interiors are sometimes an afterthought.

But for many (even most?) homeowners, the final straw that pushes them to remodel is how inefficient it is to use their kitchen: it’s too small, too crowded, poorly laid out, or just plain cluttered. In-cabinet storage is more than an add-on convenience—it’s a way to avoid the kind of out-of-control disorganization that makes tidying up a challenge and makes a kitchen hard to live with.

However, this is definitely a topic where many clients don’t know what they don’t know, and it can be overwhelming for them to get their heads around the possibilities. So, to give you some ideas for how to walk your client through choosing organization and storage, I’m breaking down some of our most popular accessories into categories based on function, benefit and price point. Today, we’re digging into options to organize a top drawer for budget ranges from low ($) to high ($$$).

NEw! Shallow Drawer Divider

What: Our most popular front-to-back deep drawer divider system is now available in standard height top drawers. It’s perfect for kitchen utensils, rolling pins, and food wrap. As the name implies, this system includes wood dividers that are adjustable for a fully tailored and changeable organization solution. Each divider slides over a set of pins. The pins slide into a series of pre-drilled holes allowing for customized spacing between each divider.

Where: Top drawer–stay tuned for details in middle and bottom drawers AND roll-out trays!

$ Cutlery Divider Insert

What: Wood drop-in grid with open bottom, designed for separating utensils (of course!) Depending on the width, extra slots provide space for serving ware and other small items.

Where: Top drawer of base cabinets 12- 30” wide (in 3” increments)–it fits the width of drawers perfectly! (Unlike the one you might find at Target.)

Bonus tip: Add a drawer liner below insert for a softer surface that helps reduce noise and eases crumb clean-up!

$$ Cutlery divider with tapered sides

What: Sleek and seamless wood drop-in cutlery divider with tapered sides and captured bottom.

Where: Top drawer of base cabinets from 18- 36” wide (in 3” increments).

All sizes come with a loose extender to ensure the perfect fit. Great for when a cabinet is dimensionally modified!

Bonus Tip:  Add to the top slide-out of our two-drawer base to keep cooking utensils in line.

$$$ Integrated Tiered Cutlery Divider 

What: A fully integrated cutlery divider system in tiered decks to maximize drawer height

Where: Several standard cabinet configurations in widths from 15-24” (in 3” increments)

  1. Base with drawer over door
  2. Three drawer base
  3. Four drawer base

Bonus Tip: This tiered cutlery drawer can also be added to many other base cabinets (or in the top drawer of a tall cabinet with drawers!) through a standard modification. Simply maintain the specified widths and depth and your client can have a cutlery solution tailored to their design!

Hopefully, you’re inspired to suggest some of these ideas to your next client! Stay tuned for more in-depth looks at storage coming over the next few weeks!

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