KBIS Sneak Peek: Aspen Retreat

This is it! Just one week to go and we’ll get to see our previous posts on KBIS Sneak Peeks (and more) in real life! Today I’m sharing one of our more surprising designs. And one of the things that makes it surprising is how amazing a Silverline design can look without a great deal of pomp and circumstance!

Aspen Retreat: Inspired by a luxe getaway in a background of snow-capped mountains 

Jackson MDF Frappe Classic, Walton MDF Sea Salt Classic, Cherry Smoke

First, the color palette. I know this may surprise you, but we are using three finishes! (Hint of sarcasm :)) Ok, so that’s not the real surprise. However, what makes three colors interesting in this design is that the layout is a single wall galley with a peninsula for seating. Yet we still found a way to bring three cabinet finishes into the mix.

In this impressive wet bar, we focused on an upscale Transitional look. Floating shelves, seedy glass and an elevated seating counter with tall turned legs all boost the dynamic of the design.

When it comes to choosing a leg, I tend to look for a curvy shape that will soften the hard lines a bit. And with trends in chevron patterns and geometric shapes, the seating area panel became a great space to play off that geometry and go diagonal with planking.

Another factor that can create a dynamic design is to stack cabinetry and maximize the height of the room. It adds storage space of course, but it also brings grandeur to the overall aesthetic. By reducing the depth of the center wall cabinets a touch, we also add dimension and draw the eye to the focal point of the displayed décor within the glass.

Generally, this design is symmetrical, but the peninsula forms an offset in the layout. We raised the counter, used Smoke as the grounding finish, and created a comfortable standing or sitting space.

Even with the aforementioned designer tips, the real surprise is the moment when you see our Aspen Retreat in person. Simply said, it’s stunning! It’s a sophisticated space that has a super bonus of being completely attainable for most budgets. Below are some of the embellishments that make this look come to life.

In a couple of weeks, we will have mountains more to share. But for now, we are so excited about the show and can’t wait for you to see this in real life!

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