KBIS Sneak Peek: Lofty Sedona

KBIS!! A production like no other in our industry…and it’s just a month away! companies spend up to a year preparing for this show, all to get the newest, latest, greatest ideas out on center stage for three short days and to kick off the year with exiting products, designs, and more. In the end, our goal is to provide you with new tools for your selling and design kit, because as we all know, it’s a fashion industry and clients expect the latest and greatest! (Even if they end up choosing a white Shaker kitchen :-)!  )

We just can’t wait to share our new ideas with you, so over the next few weeks, we’ll be sneaking a peek at the displays we’ve been carefully preparing for you! This week, I’m sharing some tidbits from our Lofty Sedona design. (Psst! These frameless cabinets are from Medallion’s sister brand Design-Craft!)

top 3 peeks

The first thing that you’ll notice about this design is that it’s not white. 

Okay, okay, just a little sarcasm here…but have you met me?? I’m pretty sure sarcasm was supposed to be my middle name! 

Here’s your Sneak Peek at Lofty Sedona:

This design was inspired by the depth and contrast of the western desert landscape.We looked for ways to balance risk alongside long-term trends. In other words, we dared to be different, but not to the point of having the design tire within a few years.

1 . The third color is the charm!

As you’ve seen in our library of designs, we like to use not one, or just two, but three cabinet colors in a design. And this year we are anticipating more colorful hues for cabinetry, so we are jumping right in with this bold, yet grounded, tri-color design.

2 . Sleek is chic

As you may have heard, Contemporary is trending! Since a key feature of this design category is mixed materials and contrasts, we not imparted not only three colors, but also three door styles. The key to this style and color combo is simplicity. Bella and Brava are slab styles that speak to our statement on color and Contemporary styling, while the Shaker door adds the needed shape, texture and warmth of wood to complete the layered, streamlined landscape. But that clean look is not just about cabinetry styles, it’s about incorporating all of the right options. For example, we’re integrating Monogram appliances with a flush-inset appearance. One of my favorites is their flush-inset cooktop – it’s seamless which is not only super sleek, but also easy to maintain.

3 . Textural appeal

Texture is great way to add warmth to a contemporary space. And we didn’t hold back on this design. Through the wallpaper, varied quartz counters, metal elements and quartersawn oak we found a perfect blend of texture to speak to the latest design trends. And as you can see, we’re complementing the cabinetry with a slightly cool blue-gray concrete counter, Flannel Grey, and finishing with the striking texture of Excava.

As much as I’d love to share more on this design today, that would defeat the purpose of a sneak peek, now wouldn’t it?! So come back next week for more on what’s to come for KBIS 2019 and stay in touch with us on social media!

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