2019 Trends: 4 Features Homeowners Want

Yesterday I gave you an overview on how the latest technology and lifestyles are merging into the kitchen atmosphere, and what that can look like for your forward thinking clients in 2019. Today, I’m covering the coming features of cabinetry designs your clients may be asking for in 2019! (Read all posts in the 2019 Trends series here.)

1. The un-do

More and more clients are asking for less. Wait, what now? By this I mean: fewer and fewer wall cabinets. They want to make windows wider, and are willing to go so far as to remove wall cabinets altogether. We’ve experienced the onset of this with floating shelves which began as accents, then eventually it lead up to floating shelves surrounding hoods and replacing wall cabinets. The premise behind this is a brighter and more open feel about the room, and contemporary style, which is minimal. The challenge with this is of course having enough storage to retain the client’s kitchen goods while achieving this step towards an open and minimalist design. An interesting article I came across on an architects website devised a design that had glass inserts on the front doors and exposed ends of the wall cabinets, and open backs were placed strategically over fixed windows, allowing abundant daylight to flow into the kitchen without losing storage. While that’s certainly a clever way to get there, most client’s budgets would not allow for that extravagant of a change.A more practical take is the “wall of tall” that adds floor to ceiling cabinetry, and all tall appliances to one wall.

The storage more than makes up for lost wall cabinetry while the look is streamlined.

Plus, the area that would otherwise be a countertop is now storage accessible at the optimal height. Another approach is to consider adjusting large kitchens footprints to allow for a separate access to a large pantry; either with cabinet matching fronts or as butler’s pantry with a pocket door for access. The separate walk-in/integrated pantry is a growing trend probably for this very reason!

2. Space for my treasures

Contemporary style is on the rise and with it comes the “less is more” look. But that doesn’t mean consumers are saying “throw it all away”! In fact, interior trends are calling for more culturally diverse displays, making a bit of a juxtaposed statement.Homeowners want to entertain more and with it they want to express their personal taste, such as items accrued during travels or handed down from one generation to the next, regardless if it fits into a ‘style’ theme perfectly. Think: relaxing, fun, undone. For the kitchen, look for ways to incorporate niche areas and atypical display space as a backdrop to allow for this level of personalization.

3. Well-appointed within

2018 was abundant with headlines featuring unique organization and function-focused storage options, and 2019 will continue with this trend being a ‘must have’ with homeowners. We will see more exciting things on this next month, but before we get there, let’s play a little “Do you know?” trivia:

  • Do you know what features are in the latest waste bin launched in Medallion last summer?
  • Do you know it has the option to compost?
  • Do you know that you can have it with or without automated access?
  • Do you know how many different waste/recycle bin options you have in the Gold series?

The point of this exercise? As the subject of function continues to grow, we are seeing it appear in mainstream episodes on HGTV, which of course adds the attainable factor. My take on this: Know your products! Devise a go-to for the basic inclusions, the next-step upgrades and even a premier upgrade package.  (Take a look at some of my ideas!) Create a library for your own use, and present appropriate selections to your client as your curated design solution. Your client will better understand the reasoning behind your choice of two-drawers vs. a standard base if you can articulate the intended use.

4 . That little nook

Beyond the kitchen, homeowners are seeking out ways to better utilize other spaces in the home. This concept is not new, but is being considered especially alongside bath or kitchen remodels.

We’ve seen the space under the stairs get the most attention, and typically it is cleverly outfitted for more storage, but now with entertaining on the forefront of the mind, consumers might be asking you to turn that into a wine bar or a reading nook that doubles as a cozy seating area when friends arrive. That space is one of my personal favorites, as the ideas seem endless as to what you can do. In fact, I would love to have a design contest on this very subject!

Would you like to showcase a design for “that little nook” ?

The bottom line:

Get your Pinterest, Houzz, Google image search, and other interior design resource engines revving for inspirational ideas on open layouts, clever storage solutions and designing in other spaces. January is typically a bit slower for our industry and it’s a great time to build up a library of go-to ideas for these subjects.

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