6 Tips I’m Thankful For

While it’s a short week for many of us, in today’s post I’m offering both practical and personal tips that I’ve been grateful for, which I hope enlighten you, too!

It’s practical

Over the next couple of days, you might be one of the 50+ million drivers on the roads – venturing 50 miles or more to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. To prepare for that trip, you might use your handy-dandy smartphone to check your intended route. Or maybe you just jump in the car and hit the road because, of course, you know the way. But what happens when you are met by a traffic jam due to construction? Or for my friends in Minnesota, the forecast calls for snowy/sleety/ice along the way and you don’t leave early?  If you are the first person and use navigation to foresee potential issues, you are less likely to feel angry about the delay because you knew about it in advance. If you’re the second person and don’t check the route (or weather) in advance – you will be unpleasantly surprised and delayed along the way…and your reaction is well, much, much worse. 🙁

The story above corresponds to clients in your business. Unless they are working on multiple projects a year with you, they do not have the first clue about what goes on in the background and foreground of a project. Shoot, they might be learning everything via episodes on HGTV! (Run, don’t walk away!! Just kidding 🙂 ) In all seriousness, from a high-level viewpoint, the success of a project comes down to these three things:

  1. Knowing and meeting your client’s desires and budget
  2. Being prepared (and preparing your client) for twists and turns
  3. Communicate well, communicate often

OK, that covers a lot of ground in a very simplified manner. However, if you think about your most successful projects (AKA happy clients), I am guessing you provided what they asked for within their means, in a process that was communicated clearly.  They understood that process, so when challenges arose along the way, you managed them professionally with your client being fully aware. If I were to narrow the above down even further, I’d say this:

Establish the client’s expectation to match the process and the outcome.

This is like one of those “priceless” commercials. Only you are paid because you’re an expert and your professionalism shows in your process and your client reaps the reward!

It’s personal

It seems that in the busyness of life it’s easy to get overwhelmed…and being overwhelmed can quickly lead down a slippery slope of negativity and affect our general well-being. By no means am I an expert on fixing real-life challenges, but I am an expert on being overwhelmed…frequently! So I thought it would be a good time to share the one thing that helps me get out of that junky funk. I can’t claim that I thought of this, but this game-changer coincidentally keeps popping up in my social feeds and reminds me what I’m supposed to do to keep the positive mojo going in my life. (I guess this is when algorithms work for you!)

It comes down to one word, one action and about 30 minutes a week to re-wire your mindset so that the chaos of every-day life doesn’t overcome you:

gratefull 2.jpgIf you’re not sure how gratefulness can help with being overwhelmed, here’s the basic premise–


  1. Changes your focus from what’s going wrong to what’s going right
  2. Reminds us of our individual gifts and abilities to help others
  3. Reinforces values of respect, responsibility and generosity

…thereby uplifting us, making a difference for others and (BIG PICTURE) it lends to our ability to make our world a better place!

It takes a bit of practice and time before you begin to feel the benefits, but would you invest 30 minutes a week if it meant you would go from feeling crappy to feeling happy?! If so, I’d recommend heading on over to https://gratefulness.org/ to get started on what simple actions you can take to turn that stressed-out feeling into an appreciation for the space you’re in now.

To all of you amazing and wonderful fellow cabinetry people, I wish you three things I’m most thankful for: time with friends and family, a flexible waistband to partake and indulge in a wonderful feast, the space to catch up on some rest, and in all things…Give thanks 2

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