How Does Color INTRIGUE You?

Do you ever look at high-end fashion and think “wow, I would never have put that together, but it sure does look amazing!”? osobuco62 from InstagramAs a person who loves couture fashion, one of the pages I stalk on Insta is osobuco62, where show-stopping pattern and color combinations are unveiled and I am instantly inspired! As I’ve mentioned, I seek inspiration in all kinds of places, and fashion just happens to be an area that I find ultimately intriguing!

But when we relate color to kitchens and baths, we tend to think that bold color means high risk and short-term “trendy” trends. As you may recall, in my first post about Pantone’s 2018 color harmonies, we looked at the making of Pantone’s color of the year, and the eight color stories that are created to support color creation for just about every mood and possibility.

Breaking it down further, within a color story are Color Harmonies that hone in on a select group from the color story to further define the “how to” for the given colors.  Thinking on this and looking for a way to make it relatable, I reached out to Annie Madden, one of our Senior Designers, to see how she interprets color trends and more specifically gave her the challenge of using the Intrigue Color Harmonies to tell the story from her point of view.

Annie’s Color Harmony Narration

According to Pantone, Intrigue invokes a “sense of mystery,” pairing Ultra Violet with natural blues and greens and metallic silver and pale gold.

Pantone’s 2018 Intrigue color story

Color Harmony 1 – Modern Earth

Pantone Intrigue Color Harmony 3

In this color story, I’m working with a somewhat cool palette with two values of grey and a pop of purple. It would have been fairly easy for me to use the custom paint program and match any one of these colors exactly, however, I wanted to give you an idea of how you can achieve a color harmony indirectly and how that would work with our darkest grey paint. I envision a kitchen entirely in Earl Grey to fully exhibit the moody depth of the color.

Intrigue Collage 1I’m sure you’ve noticed the trend in dark, smoky finishes in contemporary designs and I think this palette gives us an opportunity to embrace the entire grey story in an unexpected earth-toned manner – just as you would see in a bedrock along the shores of Lake Superior in northern Minnesota: cool against warm. The crisp hue of Silver for the walls and again for the color of the flooring is the kind of look that creates drama in a more subtle way.

Color Harmony 2 – Gold & Green Reinvented

Pantone Intrigue Color Harmony 2

This color trio was a bit of a challenge to me, mostly because it instantly reminded me of The Brady Bunch, and for those who can relate, it’s sometimes difficult to see past a color palette as it once was. But I decided to encompass the colors and go bold and glamorous! The way I see this working is in a luxurious feminine master suite – a she-space all to herself. (A girl can dream!) I started with the vanity in a custom paint to match Pale Gold – remember: moving past the safety of neutrals and into bold colors creates a dramatic design! In my experience, this is the kind of approach to take for high-end clientele (and eclectic personalities!).

Intrigue Collage 2I pick up the gold color again in the counters and floor tile, which has a slightly distressed pattern. To me, this grounds the design and gives it a feeling of something vintage against the contemporary lines of the luxurious fixtures and decor. Then to bring in the green and purple, I sourced a tile with an iridescent character that not only contains the color palette but also reflects light and more of the surroundings. With such a bold color palette, it’s important to cast the surrounding space in the right neutral, so I chose a clean white for the walls – which along with the light fixture’s shade, the freestanding designer tub, and other white goods, will make the entire space maintain a bright and modern feel.

Color Harmony 3 – Urban Chic

Pantone Intrigue Color Harmony 1

Uptown loft, big industrial windows, a view of the city…this color palette is all about blending something techno with something crafted, hence the foundation of Dove Appaloosa for the cabinetry. The client I picture in this space is anything but typical when it comes to their fashion sense. I get a feeling of refreshing unexpected- even slightly conflicting – at first glance. But as each element settles into its respective space, the pieces of the whole are seen as one – in harmony. Essentially, we have two groups of two colors – each as a part of a succession, which is why they work so well together.

Intrigue Collage 3The flooring becomes a subdued backdrop with just enough pattern to keep the eye moving and make sure the overall space doesn’t become too tech-y. And while I know both sets of options for wall color and countertops are stunning, my preference leans to the warmer tones that bring out the brush strokes in the cabinet finish and flooring pattern.

So there you have it–three more takes on designing with Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year! I’d love to hear more ways you’ve integrated bold colors like UltraViolet into your designs, or ways you’ve been inspired by palettes that aren’t traditional for cabinetry. Share your experience in the comments!

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