Bathing in the Blues

Now that we’re a few months into the “blue is cool” club you might be noticing a growing interest in color from your clients! After a decade of white and gray being the predominant “colors,” it is refreshing to see this change in trends. But have you considered how you can suggest these three blue’s to a client for their bath? Let’s kick it off with this week’s topic: Bathing in the Blues with Bath Silhouettes!

The psychology of blue

Blue is a very organic, natural color in almost all its shades; this color’s origins in stone, sky, and water give most blues a sense of timelessness that keeps them from feeling dated down the line. It has been shown to have a calming effect, which is perfect for your client’s own little spa. Chinese traditional medicine even affirms that blue can have healing properties!

And blue has so much range, from tropical aqua to midnight blue to wispy grey-blue to saturated sky blue. For light blues, you don’t have to limit yourself to baby blue—using blues with grey or green tints can feel almost like neutrals. Beige undertones can even warm up blue! Dark shades like navy and royal blue are more dramatic, and should really only be used in spaces with a lot of natural light.

Our three new blues run the gamut from light to dark, and with the option of custom paint, pretty much anything is possible. Blue can also be included in other bathroom elements, from tile to wall paint to towels and décor.

I thought it would be fun to showcase one of my favorite designs from Bath Silhouettes and asked my fellow designers Gail and Annie to create designs based on our pairings from A Tale of Three Blues with our ever-popular Solaré collection.

Loxley Flat Panel oak Cobblestone

Coastal Contemporary

Designs and thoughts below by Annie Madden

This pairing has a weathered, lived-in, seaside feel.

Coastal contemporary
Sea Salt and Dusk with maple Dove Appaloosa accent. Tile here, and hardware here.

Linen-feel wallpaper and wispy patterned tile in soft creamy whites, tans, and blues add to a relaxed state of mind. The cool, neutral flooring (cherry continuous strip with a grey stain) and simple countertop material (Silestone White North) also underscore that tranquility. Accents of creams and white call to mind sandy beaches (hence the “coastal” theme), and gold accents in lighting fixtures and the arched, beveled mirror give this space a soft contemporary tie.

Medallion Solare Gale_Coastal Contemporary OA

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Madison_Maple_IrishCreme_ClassicA glass vessel bowl and wall mounted faucet also keep the vanity looking sleek. Wall art and a simple color-blocked rug bring in splashes of color and different shades of blue to complement Gale, as well as adding texture and warmth. Using the versatile Madison flat panel door style and square legs with contoured feet also recall the simplicity of Contemporary style and the warmth of Coastal design.

A stacked set of floating shelves fits neatly between two demi-height linen cabinets. A clever treatment of a mirror installed behind the shelves adds just the right amount of panache to complement a contemporary design!

Medallion Solare Gale_Coastal Contemporary Linen area

Rustic Retreat

Rustic Retreat Collage.jpg

This pairing has a comfortable, yet chic feel. Warm neutral wall paint and a dark wood floor are paired with a reflective and textured greyish-brown subway tile. The large mirror in a refurbished-dark wood on both the wall and cheval mirrors adds this combo’s namesake rustic appeal. These textures, combined with the patterned wallpaper, add dimensional interest to this bath.

PLATINUM Middleton maple Chai Latte Classic
On trend with inset: Middleton features a wide beveled inside profile.

Medallion Solare Celeste_Rustic Retreat

In contrast, the velvety navy blue Celeste cabinetry lends a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere to the room. Square glass light fixtures and a trough style double sink add to the linear blocked shapes used often in architectural structures in rustic spaces. Adding dimensional wall décor with tree art brings in a little of the outdoors.

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Tailored Farmhouse

Design and thoughts below by Gail Schwartz
Some of the words that come to mind with this pairing are crisp, simplistic, and minimal.  Bright walls and brick tile are paired with the aged-look, black-tone floor. Soft blue Dusk paint adds a calm splash of color.

Tailored farmhouse
Carriage Black classic on oak with Dusk; click for this tile and hardware.

PLATINUM Loxley cherry Silver AppaloosaIn this bathroom, the mirrors, vanities, linen cabinets, towels, and light fixtures all have a dual purpose: decoration and function. There’s no extra clutter or frou-frou…a little light-hearted artwork reflects the desired mood of the space.

Farmhouse styling comes in with the “found” vintage mirrors and plant stand as well as the Edison-style light fixtures. There’s a sense that the items in this space are acquired treasures or heirlooms.

Medallion Solare Dusk_Tailored Farmhouse

Solaré: A designer roundtable

I asked Annie and Gail to share their thoughts about working with the Solaré collection in these designs—such as did they find any challenges? What did you find while exploring the catalog?

Annie: “The Solaré collection was easy to work with. I appreciated the opportunity of choosing the leg and foot shape to best work with the envisioned design. The multiple configuration possibilities for the linen cabinet has great options, depending on what type of storage is needed. The catalog is very user-friendly in the 2020 design system and the multitude of size options is helpful.”

Gail: “I did not run into challenges.  I feel that it is straightforward to work with.  This space did not require the cabinet to touch the return wall, so the freestanding design worked well.  Having the options for legs and shelf can aid in telling the style story.  For this Farmhouse design, I wanted to keep the cabinets simple and the square leg and slatted shelf fit very well.”

I enjoyed seeing the Solaré designs through Annie and Gail’s eyes; they each had their own perspective and offered insights and inspirations for bringing blue to the bath. Considering all that Bath Silhouettes has to offer, narrowing down to just three design stories was probably the hardest part.


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