Mixing it up with Glass and Metal!

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about using glass and mirror door inserts as accents in your design. Those types of decorative doors come to mind pretty readily, but it’s not as common in framed cabinetry to consider using metal accent doors. I hear opportunity knocking to create #uniquedesigns!

Framing it out

Metal-framed doors add an unexpected flair and the finish options make them adaptable to fit within many design styles. In fact, with the trend going strong of mixing materials, metal accent doors are a great way to impart a complement to appliances, decorative hardware, faucets, and even lighting.

Medallion Mission BP maple Chai Latte PH_Bellagio SS_Frosted Glass
Here it’s easy to see how metal accent doors work within the Transitional design of this laundry sink area.
Medallion Stockton FP QS oak Cappuccino_Bellagio Oil Rubbed Bronze_Frosted Glass
Metal accent doors work great as accents on base cabinets too! In this arrangement, we combined a full-height three-door base and continued the accent door along both sides to give create a stand-alone piece.

Medallion_Glenwood Peppercorn_Bellagio Oil Rubbed Bronze_Frosted Glass_collage

Oil-rubbed bronze is great for Industrial, Farmhouse and Modern designs, while aluminum and stainless steel are perfectly suited for Transitional and Contemporary.  Sometimes I’m challenged by choosing between Aluminum and Stainless, so I follow this line of thinking: Brushed Aluminum is more commercial and cool feeling, while Brushed Stainless is more refined, and provides a warmer look.

Medallion_Carlton Brushed Stainless_Frosted Glass_collage
A stacked arrangement of cabinets with metal framed doors can create a dramatic statement for the right space!
Medallion_Loxley FP Irish Creme_Catania SS Reeded Glass_collage
A metal range hood is a perfect opportunity to emphasize a contemporary design with metal doors and a patterned glass.

Bella quartersawn oak Cobblestone; Mission Flat Panel maple Chai Latte Classic; Bellagio stainless steel with Frosted glassBravo for Brava!

Easily thought of as exclusive to frameless cabinetry, Brava doors also fit wonderfully into light contemporary Medallion designs! You can pair these with slab door styles, like Bella or Glenwood,  and they also work with a variety of shaker style doors – especially wide-framed styles like Sonoma and Loxley. The gloss sheen option for Brava will achieve that same reflective, embellished quality as glass inserts in accent doors, while the matte sheen will be much more subtle. I personally love how each color in it’s respective sheen offers a slightly different look. And don’t forget that the edge of the door frame will be visible, so make sure the frame finish selected complements the other metals within your design.

Brava Bronze pairs well with Cappuccino and Celeste:

Brava Bronze_Cappuccino_Celeste

Gilded tones come together with the glimmer of Brava in Bronze and the layered warmth of Cappuccino against the striking contrast of Celeste. Adding Brava is the unexpected accent that your client doesn’t know they can’t live without!

Brava Black pairs well with Chai Latte or Irish Creme:

Brava Black_Irish Creme_Chai Latte

Brava in Black may seem too bold or masculine at first glance, but the matte finish actually appears silky and smooth and the contrast against a warm paint keeps the room-scape serene.

Brava Charcoal pairs well with Boulder or Smoke:

Brava Charcoal_Boulder_Smoke

Opposites attract with the cool, crisp, contemporary grey of Brava in Charcoal when positioned against the warm and linear texture of Bella in straight-grain quartersawn oak with either Boulder or Smoke finishes.

You can also use this color with whites and light beiges for a softer, more Scandinavian look.

Medallion_Brava Charcoal matte glass accents

Brava Silver pairs well with Sea Salt and/or Smoke:

Brava Silver_Sea Salt_Smoke

The cool sparkle of Silver offers another level of dimension to Brava. Create a cool contemporary palette with Bella in Sea Salt, or light industrial flair with Ellison maple in Smoke.

Brava Sand pairs well with Gale and Espresso:

Brava Sand_Gale_Espresso

Soft sandy beaches and stormy seas come to mind when I pull this color palette together. Brava in Sand becomes a subtle artistic accent for this trend-forward style statement.

Brava White pairs well with Dusk and Earl Grey:

Brava White_Dusk_Earl Grey

White is classic and timeless, and in Brava is also exciting! While contemporary is typically synonymous with cool tones, I’m loving this trio with a warm-toned grey and muted blue for a more provocative color statement.

So there you have it–more ideas to spark inspiration as you make your designs catching and unique. As contemporary style grows in popularity with consumers, I think you’ll find that metal doors are a great way to add that sleek and chic edge to your designs!

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