Making the Most of a Silverline Design

As a Medallion designer, you have the resources to cover a wide range of styles and price points through three product platforms, and even combine those to create the perfect design that makes a client’s budget really work. And, of course, the entry-level-priced product for Medallion begins with Silverline, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to basic designs. Silverline is all about making the classics and the best-sellers accessible while still offering plenty of options to design a beautiful space. And now, Silverline’s offering has been streamlined to include key styles, products, and finishes along with the quality you’ve come to expect at Silverline’s competitive price point.

Details do make a difference

As I talked about in my design speak posts, Transitional designs are at the top of the trend list, especially Shaker-style cabinets in white or shades of gray/greige. And while we insiders may be ready for that trend to pass, I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen anytime soon – at least not in the mainstream market. The reason clients are drawn to this look? Simplicity has staying power, and understated styles tend to age more gracefully. Essentially, Transitional design style is current, attractive and offers the opportunity for homeowners to impart their own taste because the backdrop is simple. With that in mind, the latest style additions for Silverline take the basic Shaker look and add subtle details to the inside profile of the frame, giving you two new door options that expand the shaker group: Jackson and Walton (shown with Lancaster/five-piece drawer front option):

Jackson has subtle profiled beading around the center frame, and Walton has a beveled inside profile detail. These light profile details give your design a more distinct look and keep a simple design from feeling blah or cookie-cutter.

And I almost forgot to mention, these new door styles allow you to choose a five-piece drawer front for the perfect price and style pairing.

The latest trends include not only shaker styles, but more and more mainstream designs are embracing slab door styles, rustic textures, and contemporary accents. To me it’s a merging of Mid-Century Modern, Light Industrial and Farmhouse pulled into one warm and inviting space. And the great news is, Silverline has what you need to get that look!

Just take a look at our newest Silverline kitchen and you’ll quickly see how you can achieve so much style and storage from a space as small as a galley layout.

Caraway_Avalon kitchen with call outs
Combining styles and colors may not be the first thing that comes to mind in a galley kitchen, but we think this arrangement of finishes, styles and contrasting surfaces make this space feel welcoming and on-trend.

Maximizing without compromising

With Silverline, you’re able to provide essential designs, maintain your client’s budget, and still enhance storage through organizational accessories. Even kitchens with a smaller footprint can have big function—it’s all about thoughtful design and your knowledge of the product.

Take a deeper look at what’s packed into this galley kitchen…a whole collection of what I call the Kitchen Staples of the 21st Century!

  1. A tray divider cabinet to house long trays, cookie sheets, and cutting boards is my first staple. I can’t even remember the time before this cabinet became part of my layouts! (And I’m an old-timer!)Avalon cherry Eagle Rock_DET007.jpg
  2. Drop in organizer inserts make this 30” top drawer the go-to for knives, utensils and dry spices. Easy peezy!Avalon cherry Eagle Rock_DET003
  3. Can we even live without the ever-clever tiered cutlery drawer?Avalon Cherry Eagle Rock_tiered drawer divider
  4. Behind base and tall doors are roll-outs and a pull-out waste system – items that are on everyone’s “must have” list.Base_Tall Pull outs_1a.jpg5. Even using traditional appliances in clever ways makes a big impact: Notice the microwave (AKA the OTR microwave) and how it has been designed to fit between two wall cabinets, keeping it off the counter, out of the main sight line and my favorite, NOT above the range. 🙂Caraway-maple-Macchiato_Avalon-cherry-Eagle-Rock_MID002.jpg

Making it special

The key to enhancing a design is to look for opportunities to make a statement with unique focal points. For example, by changing the doors to the left and right of the range to glass inserts we add another level of customization. From there, we can (and we did) take it one step further by upgrading to glass shelves and interior lighting. We add instant “that-looks-custom” appeal and provide the client with the perfect place for showing off their special dishware!Caraway maple Macchiato_Avalon cherry Eagle Rock_MID004.jpgAnd sometimes we have the opportunity to go beyond the standard cabinet catalog to express our creativity. Take a look at the customized shelving arrangement along the back wall:Caraway-maple-Macchiato_Avalon-cherry-Eagle-Rock_MID003.jpg

Avalon_cherry_Eagle Rock_DET004.jpgWe started with a 5 ½” deep recess in the wall and applied a fabulous sheet of Formica® in metallic brushed stainless as the backdrop. It gave us a reflective quality, and pairs nicely with our appliances and plumbing fixtures. For the horizontal and vertical framework, we used 6” wide profiled solid stock material. The ½” offset in depth creates a nice shadow line along the perimeter and adds depth and dimension. Our designer sourced lengths of dowel material, finished to match on site, and attached a few simple hooks and voila! This on-site DIY unit is now one of our new favorite things.

As you likely can relate, we found ourselves looking for a way to dress-up the peninsula end and seating area. With modern design, we know simple is best, and our goal was to complement the adjacent Mid-Century furniture and decor, so we designed a table-like end support by combining vertical and horizontal square columns. Continuity is one of the key elements in making multiple sourced materials come together and look completely custom-tailored and harmonious!Caraway maple Macchiato_Avalon cherry Eagle Rock_DET006.jpg

There’s also a special Mid-Century-style bookshelf and storage unit – all from Silverline catalog items:Avalon cherry Eagle Rock_bookcase

Avalon cherry Eagle Rock_SM008

Here again, we combined standard products on site and yet the design is more stunning than simple! It even has the metallic Formica® we used in the feature niche in the kitchen within each open area. Design secrets are great, but isn’t it even sweeter when you know how simple it really is?!

As you peruse the latest updates to your Silverline catalog, keep in mind that we’ve just scratched the surface of what can be created from a thorough understanding of your product line, a great installer, and your design expertise!

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