Elements of a Tailored Luxe Design

Loxley Flat Panel (FP) and Bayside Platinum in maple White Icing and Finish Select "Old Navy"I LOVE a tailored kitchen!  This week we are diving into the details of this stunning white kitchen that displays many elements of sophistication, contrast, understated embellishment, and clever design. And it speaks to the big color trend of 2018—BLUE—in a timeless way.

White on white

This space showcases a classic white kitchen on a white backdrop of architecture.  How crisp and fresh is this room!?  The cabinetry becomes a seamless element with the walls and ceiling structure, really allowing the navy framework and industrial-flair windows to make a defined statement.

A contest of contrast

The design of the cabinets in this kitchen features the brilliant accent color in an unexpected, ingenious way.  The rich, blue paint was developed using Medallion’s custom color program to get just the right color for this space. Base cabinets are surrounded by vertical and horizontal framing, and inset doors of the wall cabinets emphasize the navy accent for a truly custom embellishment.

To achieve an inset framed appearance, full-overlay base cabinets (reduced in height) were captured by box columns and horizontal solid stock molding.  While the designer primarily used inset cabinets throughout, she was able to maximize storage and incorporate a second door style, by selecting full-overlay cabinets in select areas. A statement like this does require a little sacrifice of space, but the results outweigh the sacrifice by far!

Loxley Flat Panel (FP) and Bayside Platinum in maple White Icing and Finish Select "Old Navy"
The Loxley flat panel door style adds a contemporary flair to classic design.

The wall cabinets left and right of the hood also received some extra attention by the designer and installer: the doors were specified in the navy custom color. The result of a contrasting bright white interior keeps your eye on the intended focus of the bold paint color.

Another popular query we receive is on this island, and how it was done. Simply said, it is a proportional combination of cabinets and accessories joined on-site by a skilled installer. Phew! As we’ve mentioned before, partnering with a true craftsman can really make a big difference! Breaking it down further, it looks like this:

island blueprint.png

Less is more

This kitchen shows sophisticated restraint in shiny add-ons.  The mirrored strapping on the hood, Carrara marble counter, jeweled fabric chandeliers, and the backsplash all add a bit of glamour to the hardest working room in the home.

Loxley Flat Panel (FP) and Bayside Platinum in maple White Icing and Finish Select "Old Navy"

How pretty is this cooking wall? First, a serious chef’s Wolf® range is accompanied by a custom-designed Vent-A-Hood® in bright white. (Look closely and you’ll notice the polished chrome accents and button studs.)  Following that duo of grandness, you’ll see the beautiful geometry and mirrored studs in a diamond pattern marble tile. Porcelanosa_victorian diamond marmara-mirAnd finally, note the carefully selected arrangement of decorative hardware in a more subtle finish, satin nickel. The details and shape are elegant, and the finish is perfect for pairing with stainless steel appliances.  Amerock_Rochdale_Satin Nickel


Tying it all together

Another special area is the adjoining butler’s pantry.  (A growing trend on homeowner wish lists is a fully outfitted walk-in pantry! This means a second sink, refrigeration, window and of course, storage!) The designer used this space to show the custom navy paint in a big, bold way.  By selecting the accent color of the kitchen as the primary color in the pantry, there is a strong tie between the rooms, yet distinctively juxtaposed for expressed individuality!

Loxley Flat Panel (FP) and Bayside Platinum in maple White Icing and Finish Select "Old Navy"
Accent areas, like this butler’s pantry, give the homeowner a chance to embrace a cherished color without the risk of committing to an entire kitchen!

This pantry (AKA: Luxe beverage boasting room!) displays continuity with the kitchen by bringing in the same hardware, inset cabinets, mullion doors, and, of course, the color. Notice the crown around the room is the same molding color and style used in the kitchen. This feature creates definition between the ceiling and wall while accentuating the height of the room. And by continuing the molding across the sink wall, the ceiling crown leads the eye naturally across the room-scape.

From simple beginnings

Floating shelves have certainly had their share of the limelight in recent trends, and this space lives up to the hype in the way we think they’re intended to be seen. Simple shelves are neatly arranged in a quaint alcove so frequently used items are within easy reach, yet double as beautiful decor for the design.

Loxley Flat Panel (FP) and Bayside Platinum in maple White Icing and Finish Select "Old Navy"The Polaris mullions draw the eye up and adds a geometric element that coordinates with the other strong lines and unique shapes in the space:

Loxley Flat Panel (FP) and Bayside Platinum in maple White Icing and Finish Select "Old Navy"
Frosted glass adds a softened view of the interior for a bit of dimensional mystique!

And speaking of open shelves, back in the kitchen we incorporated a trio of alcoves perfectly tailored to the cabinetry and appliances. (Psst…built-in’s like this add architectural beauty to otherwise bland rooms with low cost and high return on aesthetic appeal!) Within the left and right alcoves, we stacked a wall cabinet over two open shelves and finished the area with a matching top and base cabinet. Sounds simple, but don’t miss the real details: Each wall cabinet includes a matching interior, finished bottom, Polaris mullion with clear glass…and glass shelving to add to the sophisticated kitchen theme. Meanwhile, our base cabinet is a Medallion specialty: Base with three drawers (two equal and one large) and an integrated Provincial toe valance. Magnifique!

Loxley Flat Panel (FP) and Bayside Platinum in maple White Icing and Finish Select "Old Navy"

Even with so many gorgeous elements to choose from, I have to say my favorite area is the amazing sink wall. Well, really it’s the view out the windows, but I would be more than happy to have “clean-up duty” if this were my space!   Loxley Flat Panel (FP) and Bayside Platinum in maple White Icing and Finish Select "Old Navy"I don’t even know if I would realize I was actually working in this peaceful expanse of natural light and scenery! The cabinetry below the windows maintains simple configurations to complement the island and the streamlined aesthetic. This also draws our attention to the windows and the view without distracting, something to keep in mind when designing around unique features in your client’s home. And with remodeling projects, another homeowner “wish list” item is for their kitchens to be brighter. When given the opportunity, expand the window not only in width but in height to maximize the daylight exposure.

The grand finale

As I breezed through this dream design, I simply couldn’t complete the exploration without recognizing the ultimate in luxury kitchen elements. After all, legendary appliances, like those shown here from our friends at Sub-Zero® Wolf®, speak to what defines luxury kitchens and homes. From the flush-inset triple oven/warming drawer stack to the expansive array of built-in wine and beverage systems, it simply gives this design the title for grand bragging rights! Without the high-quality appliances, the cabinetry and decor selections would still lend themselves beautifully to any home, but with them, we arrive at a luxury design that is completely and perfectly tailored!

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