Revisiting 3 Labors of Love

Ahhh the day after a holiday weekend…everyone is relaxed, de-stressed and ready to pack 5 days of work into 4…oh wait – is that just me?! (I doubt it – I know all about you over-achievers!) I do hope you enjoyed a relaxing Labor Day Weekend and in the spirit of reflection, I wanted to take a look back at a few of my past “labors of love”. So, here’s three P’s we’ve posted that are worth further pondering: Personas, Promotions and Protecting your time. 🙂

The Making of a Persona

Individuality Concept Sketch

Last winter, I shared some tips and questions to help you develop “personas” to use in your business. How’s that going? Did you end up developing any? Get a refresher in this post!

Promotional Perspective

Using Smart Phone with Blank Screen POV in Domestic Lounge

What do you do with a client who’s on the fence about diving into a project, or one who’s thinking about it, but hasn’t committed yet? Promotions! Read up on some tips and tricks to maximize the loss aversion phenomenon and get new projects rolling.

…and last, but not least…

Protecting Your Precious Time

Old hourglass on the background of clocks

So, maybe you’ve built some personas and gotten some leads and even helped clients to take the plunge to start their project…but now you’re swamped! Remember 2020 Design Services? Using this program can give you some breathing space, so read up and refresh your memory on the benefits!

Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me! Be back next week with more tips and tricks!

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