Details that Make the Difference: Platinum Nook

Last week, you had a chance to meet our designer Gail. This week, meet Annie! She’s been a kitchen designer for 16 years and is here to share some more details from a cozy breakfast nook/study connected to last week’s featured Platinum kitchen. Come take a look!

PLATINUM: Providence maple Irish Creme, Dove Appaloosa and cherry PeppercornThis room speaks to me! I am very informal and love small, intimate work areas—whether I am working through my design projects or creating a culinary masterpiece. I just seem to produce better results when I am in a small, efficient space…and this one has it all! Here, I can imagine myself working remotely on a rainy day, with tile, countertop and finish samples sprawled out everywhere dressed in yoga pants and comfy sweater (so tattered that it can’t be worn outside of the house!) drinking my coffee and being happily productive.

Cozy Corner Cove

There are so many reasons that I  can easily imagine living in this “eating cove”. First, I love the sophisticated twist to casual dining. Who says a breakfast nook has to be just for breakfast? The warmth of the relaxed and weathered Dove Appaloosa tied to cherry Peppercorn adds wonderful warmth, even though gray and white are sometimes thought of as cool neutrals. This cozy nook has so much to offer with its abundant storage and the study-like presence. One key element that creates that feel is the built-in bookcases:


I love how they could display my favorite serving pieces along with the cookbooks that I collect with every intention to attempt new tastes and territories, but never do. (As are most of yours, my life is paved with good intent!)


Design Tip:

Inset cabinetry has a traditional, furniture look that can increase the historic, lived-in feel that makes a space comfortably elegant.

The bench seating conveniently allows you to tuck away belongings you want easy access to, and its seat cushion delicately outlined beneath adds a small punch of detail. I’m quite fond of how the top of the bench is slightly deeper than the frame and inset drawers and returns on each side to die into its neighboring cabinet’s frame. Another of my favorite nuances in the design  is the Astragal baseboard moldings, converging with the contrasting finishes.  Correct execution of panels and moldings like this can make all the difference in good design.

PLATINUM: Providence maple Irish Creme, Dove Appaloosa and cherry Peppercorn

I’m inspired by the “garnishment” of  the deluxe panels over the bench seat, and the way the wall sconces embellish it. Like a bit of jewelry to a perfect dress, the final addition adds to the focal point.  The dimension it offers, capped with the crown molding application stretching across the whole room, pleases me. I think installing the lighting into the wainscot paneling is unexpected and charming. The arched valances  within the bookcases soften the straight lines; warming up this corner and inviting you in.

PLATINUM: Providence maple Irish Creme, Dove Appaloosa and cherry Peppercorn

Perfect Match and Perfect-Fit Furniture

At first glance, the table might look like just another piece of furniture, but it’s more; this was custom-made using a wood top, turned legs and fillers as an apron – all in the same Dove Appaloosa finish used on the bench and kitchen island. It’s both resourceful and the best way to keep the design cohesive when there’s an eating area in proximity to cabinetry. The specialty finishes are not only heirloom quality and will outlast store bought furnishings; it also gives the flexibility to clients to have the exact size customized at no additional charge……how great is that? It makes me wonder why anyone would sacrifice the integrity of an incredibly designed space such as this by adding an inferior finished product or worse yet, introduce the wrong stain. “Close enough” doesn’t usually cut it when one has discriminating taste.  In this case, both the Dove Appaloosa and Peppercorn stains are so unique that including it as part of the table design was essential.PLATINUM: Providence maple Irish Creme, Dove Appaloosa and cherry Peppercorn

Finishing Touches

Finally (yet importantly), the desk nestled under the stairs is so quaint! It would be so perfect to have the convenience of this tiny home office niche just offset from the main kitchen area.

PLATINUM: Providence maple Irish Creme, Dove Appaloosa and cherry Peppercorn

Having a slight separation keeps papers from getting spaghetti sauce dripped on them, makes it easy to grab a quick mid-morning snack or coffee refill, and offers a work surface in close proximity to the heart of the home.Can you tell I wish I had this in my home? I see myself working comfortably from the cushioned bench, welcoming our boys home from school. For homework or other projects, the accessibility to the family computer nearby would make daily routines more hassle free. After all, we could all benefit from a little less hassle and a lot more ease? Certainly, this space offers a lot of that, all in one comfy, well-designed corner!

Stay tuned for more details that make the difference!

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  1. Bob Geiger

    Love this design ! Great way to incorperate the “office” space and dinette off the kithen area – Similar layout could be used in a second basement or pool house too…

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