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It’s almost Independence Day, which is a great time to talk about our American-made products and why it matters to you and your client!

Consumers are more and more interested in where their products come from and what they’re made of. More and more low-to-mid-priced cabinets are manufactured internationally, especially in China. But with those type of import brands, you don’t always know what you’re getting, how it was made, and whether the materials are safe for your home and family.

The fact that all Medallion’s cabinets are built here in the US by caring hands with wood materials from North American forests can be a key selling feature in your design presentation. This info has the power to give your clients peace of mind and to help them understand the deeper value behind the dollar amount they see.

So without further ado, here are my top 10 selling points about our all-American cabinets and our commitment to quality and environmentalism:

10. Craftsmanship

Spray finish

Every cabinet is hand-built. If you’ve ever taken a tour of one of our plants, you can attest to how many hands touch your client’s cabinets. The workers who build each piece even stamp their name inside the box! We’ve also worked to create the smoothest, most beautiful, durable finishes.

Construction; Stepped finish door

9. Materials

To ensure that our cabinets are made from the best possible materials, we partner with a domestic plywood company that produces strong, stable material, which we use for end panels, shelves, and more.

Read more about our two plywood types in our Plywood Fact Sheet.

8. Take a tree, give a tree

Lumber for our cabinets comes from forests here in North America, and we partner with organizations that plant new trees to make up for what we harvest.  In just the last year, over 350,000 trees were planted!

Child little girl and parent holding young plant in hands together

7. Mother Earth

If we don’t take care of the planet, who will? Our plants comply with some of the strictest emissions standards in the world, the California Air Resource Board Title VI standards. Our cabinets are also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, KCMA’s environmental stewardship program, and can even help your client’s building achieve LEED certification. (How’s that for some alphabet soup?)


6. Customized, not cookie-cutter

We take pride making our cabinetry flexible enough to respond to both your own design creativity and your client’s needs. Don’t forget about all the possibilities that open up with custom quotes, custom paint, finish select, and of course, our standard modification options, too!

Custom Quote 2

5. Health and humanity

Building our cabinets here in the US means we have full control of the production process—we can maintain both our rigorous product quality standards and ensure that our plants are safe working environments for our builders.

Cabinet construction 2

4. Investing in local economiesLeo_Louis Katz photo

Keeping our whole production process here in the US also means we invest in not just the national economy, but local economies. We create jobs, and work to support all our employees.

3. Family-owned company, family values

Our parent company, Elkay, was started by a family and is still owned by that same family! Instead of a cutthroat corporate mentality, we focus on building strong relationships with dealers, designers, and the families who choose to use our cabinetry in their homes.

2. It’s about the people, people!

As a designer, you know who you’re dealing with, from your sales rep to the customer care specialist assigned specifically to you. From start to finish, there are so many people who touch a cabinetry order…

Designer's Family Tree graphic 2

1. Amazing and wonderful YOU!

The service, skill, and experience you bring to each homeowner is unparalleled and is the best reason of all I can offer to explain why buying American-made matters!


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