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As design professionals serving clients, our time is so valuable—there’s never quite enough on a given day to get everything done. The question is, what is the best way to allocate your time? Putting basic details into 2020, or letting your creative powers run free and providing the best possible service to your client? (#SalesNinja)

If you’re looking for those last two things, then you might be a good candidate for giving 2020 Design Services a try. I know it’s a little scary to trust a project to someone else, but let’s walk through some of the key benefits.

At a high level: it’s fast, it’s a good return on investment, and it lets you design to your full potential. Having this asset is a great aspect of working with Medallion, but it might be one of the least known benefits — you might be surprised to find that we’ve been providing this service for almost 10 years! And it’s this simple:

  1. Sketch a floor plan view of the space (as needed, add elevations to point out unique obstacles, like a chimney that will require a cabinet modification)
  2.  Scan the forms into your computer—be sure to save the file as “[Client Lastname]Design Request”
  3. Fill out this MD_DesignService_Request Form_0218 with the dimensions of the space, your client’s chosen finish(es), door style(s), hardware, and appliances.
  4. Email them to

Then what? Within 72 hours, they send you a full 2020 KIT file, PDF of renderings, and a list price quote. And, FYI, these three files are completely separated so you can use those lovely renderings in your design presentation without the risk of showing something unintentionally.

Also, this isn’t just a cookie-cutter design. Every design is custom-created based on your specifications and wish list. If you specify 48” high wall cabinets in a stacked configuration in your plan notes, that is what you’ll receive in the design. So include as many details as you need to! Two standard revisions are included, but since you receive the original 2020 kit file, it’s yours to change however you (or your client) want, too.

But don’t take my word for it…

I spoke with Jenifer Gately of JG Designs and Canton Kitchens about how she uses 2020 Design Services. She’s been working with Medallion for over 20 years and says she enjoys the people side of her design career the most;  going out into the field and connecting with clients. She knows that this is her greatest asset.

2020 Design Services allows me to focus on what I do best and lets someone else do what they do best!

Before Medallion introduced 2020, Jen used to have a dedicated draftsperson to knock out the details, but finding qualified help has become more difficult in recent years (post-recession). Jen also shared that she likes getting both the specs for contractors and the visually stimulating renderings for clients.  She’s been using the 2020 Design Service for years and says she finds that it makes her business run more smoothly and efficiently. “I can spend more time with my client, focusing on providing exceptional customer service,” she added.

Jen’s savvy pays off in that she has more happy clients—in fact,  her business is now completely referral-based! Here’s a look at the renderings of the 2020 design she received:

snip of PDF

Click to view the entire packet of Jen’s client’s renderings: Jenifer Gately PDF

Jen was also kind enough to send pictures of the finished design:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After talking with Jen about how she benefits from using the Design Service, I’ve been thinking about some other ways this tool could be useful.

Saving Time

Since you get a design within 72 hours, I would think about using the 2020 Design Services as a starting point – it works for complex spaces and bigger projects or the opposite, small or basic designs. It’s also a good option for side projects connected to a larger project, like a mudroom, bath or laundry room to match a kitchen remodel. Medallion designers have used 2020 Design Services for built-in bookcases, wet bars, butler’s pantries, fireplaces, hutches, boot benches, coffee bars, lounges, closets, you name it! The 72-hour return window is also great for more last-minute projects or for when you need a pretty quick turnaround.

Of course, this is always an option for busy times when you’re swamped with projects. That means taking work home or staying late less often. For most of us, creative energy isn’t infinite—when we’re frazzled and rushed to complete a mountain of design projects, we don’t get to fully express our talents and skills.

Saving Money

The other key benefit of using 2020 Design Services is that it’s an as-needed, no contract service. You can use it just during your busiest times and you’re not stuck with it when business is slower.  We’ve found that that works really well for designers who are looking to grow their business but don’t have quite enough clients to justify hiring another full-time designer. Using 2020 Design Services means you can build up your business without totally drowning yourself in work. It also saves you the time and effort of going out and trying to find a qualified designer to do part-time work. And there’s no surprise with the product, as it will be exactly what you’ve come to expect from Medallion.

Most importantly, your time is money as a designer—what is your time worth to you? Having a space designed by Design Services only costs you $250, which is a fraction of the additional profit you gain from adding another client and another cabinetry project.  Think about it—how long does it take you to create a design? This service winds up costing you the equivalent of about $11/hour—and I’m absolutely certain your time is worth more than that!

It’s also very easy to pay that design fee, your Medallion dealer account is simply invoiced every 60 days for the design requests you’ve submitted. Everything goes through your existing payment channels.

Expertise + Design Freedom

So, it’s fast, it’s cost-effective, why else is this service a good idea for you? I think that having someone else do the basic layout gives you more time to tweak and embellish a design, using your amazing creative expertise and design insight to make it something extra special.  It can also give you a fresh perspective on tricky spaces and opportunity for discovering new options you might not have thought of.  Next time you’ve got too many projects and not enough time, maybe think about trying out 2020 Design Services.

Special thanks to Jenifer Gately for sharing her experience and her photos!

Q&A LOGOIf you haven’t used our 2020 Design Service, then I hope this article provided some insight on how it can help maximize your time in the future. If you have used the service, what are the benefits you have experienced? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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