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In my previous blog on 2018 Trend Predictions, I touched on how brass finishes continue to make the cut for interior design themes in 2018. This week I’m talking shop on a personal favorite: 2018 Tile Trends! (Yay!!) As a designer, I think of tile the same way I do decorative hardware; as accessories, or like the jewelry of a design! And if you’re keeping up on this topic, then you know there are literally tens of thousands of brands and distributors for tile. You might even be one of them! So rather than send you into sleep mode on all there is to see on tile, I’m going to share my favorite overarching tile categories along with a rating for their design style and benefits!

Sips & Tips – 2018 Tile Trend Scorecard 

  1. Chevron 5 stars

    A close cousin to my other favorite, Herringbone, Chevron also displays clean lines and a soothing pattern, making it my number one choice when factoring in overall aesthetic, usability (where it can go), and trend lifecycle. From wood looks to marbles, and sizes from mosaic to wide planks, Chevron tile is highly regarded for its timeless appeal and subtle geometry. I’d even venture to say that this pattern could give subway/brick a run for its money by offering trend-seekers something less “me too” without involving much risk. My score is 5 stars for Chevron!

  2. Patterned & Printed 5 stars

    A refreshing change to the landscape, this tile category appeals to me for bringing stunning personality to a design. The spectrum of colors, shapes, and overall artistry make such a beautiful statement; especially amongst a backdrop of neutral finishes like Cappuccino, Eagle Rock, Smoke and of course, the ever-popular White paints! I give this tile category 4.5 stars for its classic style paired with amazing bragging rights!



    Combining textures and bold patterns can work harmoniously when the palette includes soothing colors. Platinum Providence maple in Dove Appaloosa with the lovely Tulpani hand-made concrete tile by Walker Zanger.


  3. Multi-Dimensional4.5 stars

    I find this category of tile to be innovative and intriguing! Initially, we saw this look in April 2016 at EuroCucina, and by the end of the year the trend-seekers were having it imported into luxe modern designs:

    DesignCraft cabinets_Brava Charcoal_Brava Chai Latte
    Design-Craft’s soft modern design in Bella and Brava shown here with a feature wall of 3D hexagon tile, available here.

    And if that’s not dimensional enough for you, how about this design statement:

    Chrysalis cast concrete sculptural tiles are great for feature walls, modern fireplace surrounds and more. Source: Inhabitliving.com
    I love how this tile depicts multiple geometric shapes. Plus it’s a bit easier to install due to its large format size of 13″ x 40″. Source: Prisma White Matt by Porcelanosa 

    I find that dimensional tiles are best suited with modern styles like Bella so the overall design result is sleek and balanced:

    Luxurious neutrals are on trend! Bella in quarter sawn oak Cappuccino adds the perfect warmth and textural complement to Walker Zanger’s 4D tile collection in Hexagon White Matte or Chevron Deep Blue. Vintage charm by Anthropologie: Euclidean pendant and Lusso knob.

    Since this category is still making its way into mainstream trends, it can be limited in versatility. But as time goes on, I am finding it in more sizes and colors, making it easy to create a more realistic statement in an accent area, like in the shower below:

    TileBar_Halcyon 3D Hex Tile
    This smaller 3D hex tile is lovely in this shower, but can you picture it behind a range?! Source: TileBar

    Of a more organic nature is a design that I saw for the first time at KBIS 2018 in Artistic Tile’s booth. Featuring designer Michael Aram’s Orchid© collection, this floral pattern is sculpted in three dimensions from Thassos marble. Clearly, this is for the luxury end of the clientele spectrum, but hey, we can dream, can’t we!?

    ORCHID© DIMENSIONAL BIANCO CARRARA – Michael Aram for Artistic Tile

    As you can see, the multi-dimensional tile category has a wide range of styles and shapes that offer a distinctive design statement. My overall vote: 4 stars for all that pizzazz!

For those of you who do not include tile in your portfolio of products, it’s still a good idea to keep up with the latest trends and resources. There’s a good chance your client will ask for your guidance and opinion on where to go and eventually what you think of their selections!

Q&A LOGOHow would YOU score the tile categories listed above?

What are your favorite tile resources? I’ve shared a few in this article, but your design community would love to hear if you have the inside scoop on others.

Please take a moment to share in the comments below!


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