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It’s that time of year when forecasts and predictions for interiors are popping up all over, telling us what will be “the thing” (or things) for trendy interiors in the new year! With so many subjects to choose from, I thought I would start with the top color picks for 2018 from major retail paint companies.

Passionate and Energized


brushstroke red paint, art background
Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2018: CALLENTE.


I think it’s fair to say, this has to be the greatest shift away from neutral that’s possible. Clearly the intent is grand, bold and in my opinion, stands out as a leader. I love the room scene you find when you view Callente on Benjamin Moore’s website. To me, this color is majestic, intriguing and completely timeless. I have a host of neutrals in my home, ranging from warm grey to muted blues/blue-green. If I were to add this to a room, I’d likely choose the powder room as it would be a welcome change to the scenery and wouldn’t shock the perspective of our home’s open layout.

Red color meaning

In a kitchen, I can see Callente as an accent wall to bring attention to an area, with linens, pottery or dishes and other elements placed around the room to complement the color. For the client who is looking to make a grand statement, a custom paint in Callente would be great as an island color! I noticed that Benjamin Moore offered several versions of grey and a deep charcoal as part of their 2018 palette.

A snippet from “The Color Palette” from Benjamin Moore for 2018.

I”m thinking Callente with any of our white or grey paints would make great pairings! At the end of this article, I give a suggestion for how to use these color trends in your showroom. Don’t forget to show Smoke and Onyx as well as Carriage Black!


Tranquil and Fresh

Hidden gem of a beachI’ve always been drawn to the oceans for their serenity and inspiration of color, which is why I see this next block of colors as a group inspired by the sand and sea. 


4 paint colors of sand and sea
(Top row from left to right) Dunn Edwards: The Green Hour, Sherwin Williams: Oceanside,   Behr: In The Moment. (Bottom) Dutchboy: Sandstone Tint.

This array of colors has been a part of my home and art throughout most of my adult life, which makes these 2018 picks a few of my favorites! In 2017 we’ve seen many hues of blues, some more true navy and others with hints of green undertones, being used in kitchens as accent colors and even some all blue kitchens. I expect we will see even more in 2018 – especially with trending color palettes like this!

The psychology of blue-green is associated with emotional healing and protection, while olive-green is the traditional color of peace.

Powerful and Mysterious

abstract black dust explosion

Chosen as the color of the year for the brands that fall under PPG, this deep charcoal-to-black range of hues can also be seen in some variation in all of the previously mentioned brands color palettes for 2018. A striking neutral, black signifies elegance, dominates for sleek design and is found in luxurious products from elite membership credit cards to high-end import exotic cars.

4 blacks from PPG
Colors shown above fall under PPG family of paints. See links below.

You may recall that black (or dark charcoal) was sighted as a trend during the 2016 EuroCucina show. I’ve seen black in many kitchens in 2017, in styles ranging from traditional (like Brookhill Flat panel in Carriage Black) to modern (like Bella MDF in Earl Grey) so even if it seems too trendy for your region, don’t be too quick to rule it out. Black/charcoal are considered neutrals that add a powerful punch to a design. We’ve already seen that our darkest grey paint, Earl Grey, is out-selling its counterparts of Macchiato and Frappe which were launched in late summer of 2017. A good idea for a display easel would be a combination of Smoke, Onyx, Earl Grey and Carriage Black samples (in a variety of wood species to add texture) on a single easel. The statement is sure to draw attention.

In your showroom

Now is a great time to get crafty with sample cards painted in your favorite trending colors for 2018. Pair these new colors with door or wood chip samples on a small countertop easel to show how these paint colors work with Medallion’s finishes. It tells your potential clients that you are on top of the latest trends and shows them that your eye for color is impeccable! Add tile and countertop samples to complete the story.

CupTip of the day!

I found a company that produces 9″ x 12″ clear adhesive backed sheets for painting sample colors on. (Sure Swatch) You could paint a full sheet using 1/3 or 1/4 of the sheet for the sample display and cut the excess into smaller strips or squares to attach to the back of your business card when a client is interested in a paint color you have shown. While selling paint is not your primary objective, it is a a visual and physical touchpoint to remind them of who you are and the level of service you will provide!

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