Review of 2017 Kitchen & Bath Trends

First, can I say how I simply can’t believe we are already at the end of this year?! I looked at the calendar and counted two more Tuesdays before 2017 comes to a close. I’m not sure what happened to Fall, but I’m guessing with my big move to Indiana I lost a few months of discernable time and while it’s probably cliche to say, as I get older I am fairly certain the years are going by faster! But rather than dwell on the down-side of that subject, let’s look at the bright side of what the year has brought us in fun and trend-forward styling!

Color Charts

As you may have guessed, White ruled (again!) in 2017 – with a movement to brighter tones of white in paints and gloss acrylics. Like our newest classic paint, Sea Salt or Design-Craft’s Gibson in Gardenia.


From an aesthetic perspective, this trend is driven by European style and the desire to make kitchens and baths feel bright and pure, which makes this non-color color appealing to decor themes from Traditional to Contemporary and reaches the widest audience amongst all other finish categories combined. From a technical perspective, we can also see how technology and sleek white finishes go hand-in-hand. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open on how home communication technology is bringing the face of the kitchen into the future! I found an insightful article on technology in the kitchen you can read here.

Naturally Neutral

Following white as a 2017 top trend is the subtle sophistication of warm and muted neutrals. Charcoal and blonde-washed tones are the trend-forward colors for interiors while red/orange toned finishes popular in the past two decades are showing a consistent decline. And of course, the warmth of grey offers a subtle sophistication that is ideal for the client seeking something more interesting, yet safe as an alternative to white.

Above: Bahamas knotty alder in Peppercorn with Ebony Glaze & Highlight, Glenwood rustic maple in Peppercorn. Lower: Devonshire in (1) Frappe and (2) Macchiato with Ebony Highlight.
Above: Mission Raised Panel maple in Eagle Rock, Craftsman Raised Panel knotty alder in Cappuccino with Burnt Sienna Glaze and Highlight. Lower: Providence maple Chai Latte, Stockton cherry Cappuccino.
Above: Venice Raised Panel maple in Smoke, Rushmore Raised Panel maple in Earl Grey. Lower: Rustic Maple Smoke, Madison Beaded Panel maple in Earl Grey, Hickory Smoke.

Delightfully Distressed and Brilliantly Brushed

And last sits my personal favorite, texture. One could say that texture has taken the place of seeing accents of color in the kitchen. We can thank the design movement that is nature inspired for this theme. With so many furniture brands following the look found in Restoration Hardware’s washed out beach-wood neutrals, it’s no surprise that consumers are seeking out that same continuity throughout the home. The emotional draw is balanced, serene and naturally beautiful. Well, it is inspired by Mother Nature after all, so of course, it just feels right!


Textured woods, like oak, are gaining popularity with their nature-inspired balance and subtle stimulation.


I think Mixing It Up could very well be identified as the top overall theme of 2017 for cutting-edge trends in kitchen and bath design. Modern with rustic, tailored with reclaimed, and of course shiplap goes with everything – right?! More designers are finding ways to create interest and add personalization due to a change in client mindset. As we pull further away from the recession, consumers are feeling more confident investing in their homes and are willing to go beyond the mainstream look of white shaker.


I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings us for kitchen and bath fashion trends! We’re just a few weeks away from the annual shows of KBIS, NAHB IBS and just around the corner from EuroCucina 2018! So much to look forward to – but until then, enjoy the remainder of 2017 in the warmth and happiness of your home and Happy Holidays from my family to yours!




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