The bespoke look of Galleria

I’m instantly drawn to the Galleria style for its beautiful boutique style. The vanities remind me of a repurposed chest of drawers, and when paired with character finishes like Silver Appaloosa it makes a unique design statement that I can truly get excited about! (I’m one of those designers who gets a charge out of discovering the details!)

Galleria Bath Suite.jpg

As you may have discovered, the design of the Galleria collection is tied solely to inset specifications. With 18 door styles to choose from and of course the wide range of species and finish options, there is sure to be a look that fits the sophisticated taste of your client!

Apothecary elements

Another distinguishing feature of Galleria vanities is the all-drawer configuration. The apothecary-inspired design gives us the look of fine furniture with the benefit of practical functionality.

Once again, like Solaré and Mezza, you will need to review the specifications for plumbing clearances with your contractor to avoid potential issues during installation. CLICK TO OPEN: Galleria Collection Sell Sheets

Pairing with Platinum

With inset specific styling, you may find that this style works nicely when paired with other inset cabinetry in the Platinum catalog. I find that this concept makes the vanity more of a focal point and ties to the idea of free-standing or unfitted furniture. A bit of intentional mismatching, if you will, that lends to the casual yet tailored look we are seeing for interior trends.

Galleria with Platinum

Galleria brings that eye-catching but refined artistry that is perfect for a client with panache, someone who’s looking for something outside the box and beyond the boundaries of style themes.

Is there a door and finish combo that you think really brings that boutique furniture feel with this collection?

Or would you go a different direction with this vanity altogether?



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