Sips and Tips

The pedestal on which it stands

A terrace can be described as a flat that leads somewhere, like to a garden or a path, often in a tiered or stepped fashion. And for Medallion, the Terrace collection is not only reflective of its name as the first step into Bath Silhouettes, but is also cleverly outfitted with a furniture-style pedestal and simplistic charm.

Sensibly designed

The Terrace collection is comprised of a balance of sensible and stylish elements to allow you to tailor it to many budgets.

A sampling of trending Terrace styles:

Left: Briarwood beaded center panel, oak Cottage White with Dry Brush. Right: Briarwood raised center panel, oak Cappuccino Burnt Sienna Glaze and Highlight.
Left: Briarwood beaded center panel, knotty alder Smoke. Right: Briarwood raised panel, maple Peppercorn Appaloosa.
Left: Napa Valley flat center panel, maple Chai Latte with Pewter Highlight. Right: Napa Valley raised panel, oak Harbor Mist Sheer.

In addition to versatile style and finish options, key specifications are built into the design of the Terrace collection:

The Terrace collection is a great balance of style and value – especially for projects that include more than one room.

Think about suggesting a Terrace vanity for a powder room as an extension of a kitchen project.

The key is to start with the basic specifications and build from there. I think you’ll find that Terrace allows you to present a charming furniture look to match your client’s taste and budget with the added bonus of that thing every project manager loves: It’s ready to install right out of the box!