The pedestal on which it stands

A terrace can be described as a flat that leads somewhere, like to a garden or a path, often in a tiered or stepped fashion. And for Medallion, the Terrace collection is not only reflective of its name as the first step into Bath Silhouettes, but is also cleverly outfitted with a furniture-style pedestal and simplistic charm.

Sensibly designed

The Terrace collection is comprised of a balance of sensible and stylish elements to allow you to tailor it to many budgets.

  • Terrace door styles are all half-overlay with wood species and finish options matching the more elaborate collections, like Portico and Solare, so you can create the trending look your client desires while staying within their means.

Terrace Bath Overall

A sampling of trending Terrace styles:

Terrace styles 2
Left: Briarwood beaded center panel, oak Cottage White with Dry Brush. Right: Briarwood raised center panel, oak Cappuccino Burnt Sienna Glaze and Highlight.
Terrace styles 1
Left: Briarwood beaded center panel, knotty alder Smoke. Right: Briarwood raised panel, maple Peppercorn Appaloosa.
Terrace styles 3
Left: Napa Valley flat center panel, maple Chai Latte with Pewter Highlight. Right: Napa Valley raised panel, oak Harbor Mist Sheer.

In addition to versatile style and finish options, key specifications are built into the design of the Terrace collection:

  • Vanity base cabinets are all adult height in 18” or 21” depths.
  • Both the vanities and linen cabinets include flush finished ends with optional upgrades to Deluxe or Matching ends.
  • Vanity and Linen cabinets include an integrated toe valance in the face frame and the recessed toe space area is finished to match:
    Terrace vanity toe detail
  • Stiles can be extended for fitting between or scribing to imperfect walls:
    Terrace extended stile
  • Simple add-ons like mullions with decorative mirror inserts and our one-piece crown assembly, along with trending room design elements like shiplap, patterned floor tile, and vintage lighting enhance the look of this collection to help you create one-of-a-kind designs.
    Terrace Bath Details
    Briarwood Raised Panel oak in Smoke Ebony Glaze and Highlight. Linen cabinet is shown with Chi mullions and Gunmetal mirror inserts and Wide Cove crown assembly.

The Terrace collection is a great balance of style and value – especially for projects that include more than one room.

Think about suggesting a Terrace vanity for a powder room as an extension of a kitchen project.

The key is to start with the basic specifications and build from there. I think you’ll find that Terrace allows you to present a charming furniture look to match your client’s taste and budget with the added bonus of that thing every project manager loves: It’s ready to install right out of the box!

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