Mezza: Stretching beyond modern

The magical mystery of Mezza

Okay, so it’s not actually magic, but I think a floating vanity does convey a bit of a mystique! And while we as designers are savvy with this style, many consumers would consider a floating vanity to be pretty extraordinary. Keep in mind also that mainstream design trends are leaning more modern and contemporary, so there’s no better time to consider how we might approach the possibilities of using a Mezza vanity. In fact, what is at the forefront of design trends is anything but cookie cutter; the desire is to blend styles and materials in an unexpected fashion.  (I hear creative opportunity knocking!)

Mixing it up with Mezza

I stated my profound favoritism for Solaré a couple of weeks ago, but I think I may have to consider making room for Mezza. As I started today’s blog, I found myself thinking about the possibilities of using the Mezza floating vanity in unsuspecting decor themes and how that might look.

Challenge: Consider the possibilities of how Mezza can fit into more than just modern decor themes.

Result: Expand your creative thinking and showcases your design expertise!

The best part of Mezza is that it’s the only frameless cabinetry collection in the Bath Silhouettes line – which essentially expands your design options to door styles that aren’t otherwise available in Medallion. The drawer configurations have been the most popular look for this collection, but sometimes it’s hard to tell which ones are false, which ones are standard, and which ones are plumbing drawers. Here’s a quick reference guide showing which are which:

Click to enlarge: Medallion Bath Silhouettes_Mezza

As I mentioned in my post about Solaré, it’s always a good idea to talk to your plumbing contractor during the design process to make sure the water lines and pipes are positioned correctly for the plumbing drawers.

With our feature Mezza bath suite in the Pike’s Peak slab style, it’s easy to only think of Mezza in terms of modern and contemporary design, but it can be so much more! Frameless doors for Mezza come in traditional styles and wood finishes, which open up more creative options.  If we use a raised panel door style like Venice or Winterberry, suddenly we have a very unexpected traditional look that is definitely out of the ordinary, but not against the rules.

That kind of juxtaposition is actually a growing trend. Using multiple materials as well as contrasting styles and finishes. Take a look at this concept in our Rustic Modern example of Mezza:


Mezza Bahamas Bath1
Bahamas knotty alder in Buckskin Appaloosa.



The Buckskin Appaloosa finish adds a character element as if this vanity was built from old, reclaimed wood shutters.

For a transitional look, we used the Providence style in our new Sea Salt paint.


Mezza Providence Bath1
Providence in Sea Salt Classic paint with a demi-height linen and floating shelf above.



White paint with Shaker style doors are timeless and versatile, while clean lines and brushed neutral metal finishes give the design it’s modern personality.

While the most popular configuration for Mezza is the drawer option, we did choose to include a vanity with two hinged doors, which gives you the possibility of using mullions. With our Eclipse or Chi mullion and mirror inserts, you create a bath design with a boutique-y furniture look.


Mezza with Chi Mullion and Mirror3
Park Place with Chi Mullions and mirror inserts – shown in Earl Grey Classic paint.



So, as you can see, Mezza is a really unique and versatile collection that can really be utilized in so many different ways. Rustic finishes, traditional styles, and exploring different configurations can open up Mezza’s magical possibilities!

How would you use Mezza? What unexpected pairings have you used? 


  1. Steven Dettinger, CKD

    I am curious as to how the “floating” vanities are installed. Is there special hardware supplied? I get this request often, but have to do a “work-around” not knowing how they will install. thanks.

    1. Suzanne DeRusha - Medallion's Design & Trends Expert

      Hi Steve,
      We have engineered a hanging system that is specifically designed for the Mezza vanities. Instructions on proper installation are included. The tools needed to install are what you would expect for attaching cabinetry to a wall however we do recommend reinforcement behind sheetrock where the cabinet is attached to the wall along the length of the vanity. Thanks for your comment!

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