What’s in a name?

One of the most challenging and enjoyable aspects of introducing new products is the creative brainstorming for developing the names. Thinking back, I remember how the louvered center panel on what became the Bahamas door style reminded us of a tropical resort and how we wanted to convey that feeling of “being somewhere special” in the name. Like this example, we strive to create a connection between our products and marketing to convey a story that our audience can relate to. The same holds true for the naming of each collection of Bath Silhouettes. Read on for the behind the scenes story on the development of just a few of our collection names!

A view from the inside

While it was always possible to design a vanity through Medallion with standard SKUs, modifications, and field-installed embellishments, we wanted to provide a streamlined program, making it easier for you – from selection to installation. These new collections are defined by their unique details and shapes, yet they still give you dozens of ways to tailor the specifics to your client’s design. We really went all out in making these collections not just new products, but works of art.

And of course, a beautiful work of art needs a distinctive name, so while we were brainstorming, we began by looking at the design elements that make each collection unique. The more we looked, the more those artistic details reminded us of structures in classic architecture.

For instance, take a look at the Portico collection’s toe kick valance–doesn’t it look like an arched walkway?

Middleton maple Earl Gray - Vignettesdairui-chen-257841

Let there be light

You may also see how Solaré was also inspired by the classic architecture of a solarium. Solaré speaks to design theory in balance and shapes and is displayed through a variety of free-standing vanities in single and double sink configurations, as well as several leg style and shelf options.



And just like the walls of windows in a sunroom make the room light and airy, the open lower section of the Solaré vanity can give your design a bright and spacious feel.

Picture perfect

And as you look at the Galleria collection you may notice how the stacked inset drawers are configured as a pattern – like a collection of frames filling the wall of an art gallery. This is how we derived the name from the Italian word for “gallery.” And as we looked further at the profiled moldings and decorative feet, we felt this vanity would be at home right alongside a piece of antique furniture you might see in a historical museum!

gallery wall

Santa Cruz maple Silver Appaloosa and Bahamas Macchiato - Vignettes

The way it floats

Our Mezza vanity collection is so unique it demanded a distinctive name. And as we considered how it appears to hover between the floor and ceiling, we were reminded of the architecture of a mezzanine, which “floats” between floors.


The modern simplicity is sophisticated and the design truly makes better use of space at the same time. Perfect for our sleek, frameless vanity style!


So there you have it, a peek at the way we develop names for our products and the stories behind just a few of our Bath Silhouettes Collections!




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