Distinctive Details: Comparing Portico & Veranda

Last week we had an intimate look at Solaré with its versatile furniture leg and foot options as well as the availability of both inset and full overlay door style selections. This week, I’d like to walk you through Portico and Veranda and compare two collections that look similar at first, but a closer look reveals key details that set them apart from one another.

Portico and Veranda Similarities

  • Portico and Veranda collections are both available in full overlay and inset styles.
  • Both collections’ vanity base cabinets include a top detail molding.
  • Linen and vanity base cabinets also both include a decorative base molding.

As you can see in the photos above, there are subtle differences in each of the molding profiles. These nuances set the two collections apart.

In addition, the Portico collection includes a specialty valance cut-out within the base molding of vanity and linen cabinets:

Middleton maple Earl Gray - Vignettes
Portico base molding includes a specialty valance and finished recessed toe space.
Wellington Raised Panel maple Coconut - Vignettes
Veranda base molding is fully enclosed.

A little something special for Portico and Veranda

We knew it was important to include key styling options for your creativity to flourish and meet the demand of your client’s personal taste, hence the slight architectural differences in the molding profiles between Portico and Veranda.

81% of over 100,000 participants surveyed prioritized beauty over all other aspects of their remodel.*

* Source: Houzz webinar on Kitchen and Bath Trends, 9.26.17

But we were also sure to include the key flexibility options you’ve come to expect from Medallion–modifications that ease installation and complete the tailored and customized end result. I think you’ll find that the most beneficial modification within these two collections is the ability to extend the front stile and moldings. This allows you to scribe your vanity or linen cabinet into a return wall (or between two walls) while maintaining the design element of the top and base moldings on the cabinet.

Portico example - Vanity and Linen
Example above: Portico in full overlay style. Linen cabinet with left stile/molding extended 1″. Vanity/sink base with right stile/molding extended 1″. Note that for both the linen and vanity cabinets, the extended stile/moldings eliminates the return of the top and base moldings on the side of the cabinet specified to receive the modification.

In addition to having the ability to fit the vanity and linen cabinets to a particular wall space, you will find a host of other styling options to help you create unique designs–mullion doors, glass or mirror inserts, and finished interior modifications, just to name a few!

Portico Collection – Design Review

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Portico Design Tip

Click to open/download the Portico Collection Sell Sheet: Portico_Sell_Sheets_0417

Veranda Collection – Design Review

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Click to open/download the Veranda Collection Sell Sheet: Veranda_Sell_Sheets_0417

So, as you can see, while the Portico and Veranda collections do share some qualities, the subtle details of each collection will stand out and lend themselves to the personal taste preference of the individual client.


If you’ve had a chance to design with Portico or Veranda, we’d love to hear from you!

What is your favorite aspect of either collection?

Have you ordered or installed a display? If so, in what style/finish?

If you have photos of Bath Silhouettes you’d like to share, please email your image files to Jodi.tramontin@elkay.com. We’ll add them to our social media feeds and give a shout out to your name and business!

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