It’s what’s on the inside that counts

As I was watching my oldest son’s football game last night, sitting on the aluminum bleachers in unseasonably warm temperature, I realized that my recent purchase for a stadium seat cushion was the wrong choice. See, I recently moved to eastern Indiana and it appears the weather is actually warmer than Waconia, MN. (ya think?) When I went to buy my seat cushion I picked out the thickest one I could find. Then my son asked me why I was getting one of those (in a teenage tone). Being a newbie, of course, I didn’t know what was wrong with the one I picked. It was thick, water-resistant and portable. But then he said to me, “No one uses those, Mom, they use hunting cushions.” So off we went to the hunting section, where I selected a highly fashionable camo-and-orange cushion with heat activation. You know, for the cold metal bleachers? So that was my mistake. Moral of the story: check out your new climate before you buy a heated cushion that’s really designed for Minnesota football weather…and maybe buy one of each kind!

Isn’t it like that? We make purchases and are either content or dissatisfied; or somewhere in between. Do you research a product extensively before making a purchase? For me, it depends on the subject. The more expensive the item, the more research I do. Something as inexpensive as a seat cushion can easily be changed, but that is not the case for our clients when creating their dream kitchen or bath.

Take for example how we know all about the upgrade options within our product lines. When they’re on display in the showroom it’s a lot easier to talk about the benefits, and for your client to experience the product. But when your showroom doesn’t have all of the organization improvement SKUs or modifications, what are the best ways to communicate the upgrade options to your clients? When you think about it, customers aren’t usually familiar with what’s inside the cabinets, and they definitely won’t ask about something they know nothing about.

In the 2017 Houzz Kitchen Study, interior organization was listed as a top request for customers remodeling their kitchens.

Houzz 2017 Kitchen Study_Organization by popularity of subject
Today’s clients are demanding organization within cabinetry to make their jobs in the kitchen easier and more efficient. 
Houzz 2017 Kitchen Study_Lighting
Many clients are also expecting the inclusion of under cabinet and interior cabinet lighting. The need for lighting increases as we age – note that even clients as young as 30 are asking for it!

The key takeaway here is to be prepared in advance for these conversations. In my article last week, I talked about investing time to streamline the style selection process. The same can be done for presenting organization features and benefits to your clients; consolidating hundreds of options into simplified groups will create more selling opportunities for your business.

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Creating customized kitchen organization packages

These packages can be very unique to you, your selling style, and your market. For this example, I’ve taken some of our popular upgrades and created example bundles. I’ve used generic names, but try using names that are more unique to you; such as Joanna’s Select Series 1, 2, 3, etc. or ABC Kitchen Bundles. It personalizes the quote to your business and is difficult to shop against your competitors.

Suzanne’s upgrade bundle examples:

  1. Select package: Includes pull out waste bins, cutlery inset (CUT__), sink base with sink mat, roll-outs on floor of all standard base and tall cabinets
  2. Deluxe package: Includes pull out waste bins, drawer organizer (DOT_) or tiered cutlery insert, Smart Sink base (with sink mat and door organizers), double roll-outs in standard base and 4 roll-outs in tall cabinets, under cabinet/interior cabinet lighting for cabinets with glass doors.
  3. Premium package: Includes automated pull-out waste bins, Smart Sink base with pull-out caddy or tilt-front trays, 6 ½” high roll-out trays in standard base cabinets and tall cabinets, under-cabinet lighting, interior lighting on cabinets with glass doors, motion-activated lighting in sink base and corner base and wall cabinets, tiered cutlery drawer, Choice of 2: drawer organizer insert, (DOT__), Knife insert or Spice insert, Choice of 2: peg post drawer (IPEG__), tray dividers in deep wall cabinet or deep drawer, adjustable drawer divider system (IDOA__, IDOB__) or bin storage drawer system with lids (IBIN__).

In this example, I used three packages, but you can create more pricing diversity based on your preferences and market. Keep in mind that each of the elements of the package needs to be visual for the client to review, even if it is displayed on your showroom floor. Of course, it’s ideal if they can see a picture and experience a display. Need images? You will find all of our SKU/MOD photos on our website. Use them to capture and create standardized packets for reference during your presentations. And remember to present in twos rather than overwhelming them with all upgrade packages at once.


What are your best practices for presenting organization options?

What are your top 3 “go to” Medallion upgrade organization products?

Do you have modifications you frequently combine for unique organization solutions?

Is there an organization/mod you find every client is asking for?

(Please post your comments below)

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