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KBIS 2017 Flashback!

While getting my java jump-start this morning, I found myself reflecting on KBIS and it dawned on me that many of you don’t get the opportunity to leave your showrooms and attend the show. I wanted to take a moment and share some of the features of our innovative designs that were displayed earlier this year. For some this will be a recap, and for others an introduction, but for all, it’s the eye candy we love to peruse!

Recap on KBIS 2017 Medallion displays


Vintage Modern features Medallion Platinum in Middleton Frappe and Silver Appaloosa paired with Design-Craft Gibson White Dahlia and Bella MDF.

My goal was to pair approachable American design with the beauty of sleek European design.

Vintage Modern – What I love:


Blending styles and finishes in unexpected ways is on trend and especially popular in Farmhouse style. Casual, yet tailored. A monochromatic soothing color palette. Textural and layered. Every inch of this space is about livable design. I hear the kitchen saying “I am YOUR beautiful kitchen, and I am real!” In contrast to formal style categories, the blended look borrows from multiple themes and combines them into one amazing and unique design. It also leaves the nuances up to the personal taste of the client (with you as their guide) so it can be rustic or glamorous and still be right. This style category is all about design catering to the personal taste of the client.

Q:  What is Vintage Modern style?
A:  Vintage Modern style blends sleek and heirloom elements for a livable design.


Modern Rustic features Medallion Platinum in Waldorf Buckskin Appaloosa knotty alder paired with Design-Craft Gibson Charcoal and Brava Bronze Gloss. Island and floating shelves in Bella Smoke straight-grain oak premium veneer.

Modern Rustic – What I love:

Modern Rustic – What inspired me:

For me, inspiration is a collection of thoughts, pins, saves, and images from multiple sources over weeks (or even months). For this project, I pulled in elements of modern furniture for the island with our Empire Square Columns for the legs and horizontal molding that continues across the bottom to emphasize the linear design. The unfitted placement of wall cabinets and open shelves stems from European kitchen models. I also turned to Pantone’s Spring/Summer Home and Interiors palette for color inspiration where I was thrilled to find this composition:

With such a diverse palette, it was difficult to see how all these materials, finishes and textures were going to work together. This is where 2020 Design software really helped us envision the space. While it can be tedious to work through the details, I found the result was well worth the time invested.

What do you think? I’d like to know how you decide how much time to spend in the design details of 2020? Do you base it on the size/budget of the project? The complexity of the finishes? Do you feel that your time invested will directly impact the potential sale? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!


Looking back at KBIS 2017 is a pleasant reminder for all of us to invest time in reviewing 2017 (and 2016) trends. Whether it’s on Google, Pinterest, Houzz or your favorite design publications – the resource is not as important as scheduling dedicated time. It’s also important to note that what seems “so 9 months ago” to us designers is still very new to clients!

Ps. If you happen to be in the Waconia, MN area or are considering attending one of our future Advanced Business Conference seminars, these displays can be seen (and touched) in our Dream Center. 🙂