Conversation with a Designer: Bonnie Bagley Catlin

Your client’s kitchen underwent quite a transformation. Tell us about it.

Bonnie Bagley Catlin

The project went from redesigning a confined kitchen area to re-imagining a much larger space. It involved extensive planning, including moving a staircase, closing off a balcony and essentially relocating the entire kitchen. But now my clients have an amazing, open kitchen that also gives them better views of the ocean while dining.

What led you to propose such a dramatic change?

The substantial changes were based on my conversations with the homeowners and listening to how they wanted to use the kitchen. They wanted to cook and entertain while staying engaged with family and friends. We discussed how she would perform typical kitchen functions and then planned the cabinetry storage so that the flow of the kitchen was the best it could be for interactive family cooking and entertaining. I always say the function of your kitchen is the most important consideration, and then we make it look beautiful.


From stacked crown molding to graceful arched valances, your signature style can be found in the decorative accessories you select for your kitchen.

What are some of the functional storage solutions you chose?

Since there were not going to be a lot of wall cabinets, we had to be very efficient with our under-counter space. So I maximized cabinetry storage with drawer inserts to organize utensils and cutlery, a pull-out for trash and recyclables, as well as a spice pull-out.

Can you share some of the specific styles and finishes you used?

The door style throughout the kitchen is Providence reversed raised maple in White Icing Classic paint. The center island accent finish is a custom color to add contrast and complement their home’s natural surroundings.

Why did you go with Medallion Cabinetry for this job?

BonnieBagleyCatlin-Kitchen5From a design standpoint. Medallion offers me versatile options in sizes, styles, and finishes, which allows me to create more unique and beautiful designs for my clients. I like the quality of the construction, and the products are backed by a great warranty. And they’re on top of order processing and lead times. All of these aspects make my job easier!

Any advice for kitchen designers who are just getting started?

First, listen to your clients. They’ll share all sorts of information that will help guide you on what to offer them.

Also, don’t get stuck on showing the same thing to everyone. Just because a client asks about something specific, they may never know there are so many other options unless you show them. Try to make each client’s home unique and special.



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